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My ‘New’ Gym Bag

I have a lot of different gym bags, pretty lululemon ones, nice ones from my mom etc. In the past week I started using a new gym bag, that’s not so new haha.


Yep I am using a good old lulu bag and it is great. I have a lot of gear and gadgets that I keep losing track of so I started keeping them in this bag and it seems to be working for me. Although I am still losing lots of stuff. Like yesterday morning I didn’t run because I didn’t have my Garmin. It wAs in the car, which was with my mom at work. Fail. Anyways, I digress.


So the bag is good, it is filled with all the things I need while working out on the go – because my life is not as easy as simply driving home 2 mins from the gym. No usually I have to go to work or something.


In the bag: Garmin forerunner 205, iPod nano, Polar FT40, lock, wet wipes, DVD I need to return, pouch with emergency girl supplies, BIC Band (in pictured), Nuun, emergenC, sun screen, Luna bar (for emergencies), sun glasses & my gym membership.

Sometimes I also through an apple, extra pair of socks and lip chap in there too. Too many times have I forgotten one or all of these things, and now I try to be prepared all the time 🙂

What’s in your gym bag??


Pics from the Weekend

Hi and Happy Monday. I hope you had a great weekend!!! I sure did! Today I have been feeling extra tired, so I don’t feel like doing a long post, instead I’ll post some pics from my phone I took on the weekend, and recently. Tomorrow I’ll be back with a half marathon recap from last week. Spoiler alert: I have a new PDR again, but it wasn’t pretty. Anyways, without further adieu….

We bird sat all weekend, isn't his colour beautiful?!

We bird sat all weekend, isn’t his colour beautiful?!


Made chick peas for the first time - they were a hit with the whole family!

Made chick peas for the first time – they were a hit with the whole family!



Sundays workout. Distance, post run treat + parking lot selfie.


These mini bowls I bought at Target - LOVE them!

These mini bowls I bought at Target – LOVE them!


Had to make this tonight for an interview - joy

Had to make this tonight for an interview – joy



Another day another dolla…

Piggy bank update: Piggy Bank 3; Nicole: 3 (or 2 I can’t remember Friday haha)

Airing My Dirty Laundry

Where do I begin?

It is no secret that I have put on some significant pounds since January. As a result, this is the only picture I could find that was taken in January that I have.


Christmas 2012

As you know I was feeling pretty good at the end of last year. I had lost some weight at school, which I always do pretty easily, and some how kept it off while I was home for November and December. Things were going well!


Santa Shuffle – December 1, 2012

Upon going back to school in January things were well. I lost the few pounds that I had gained while home (about 4-6 I think) plus a few more. Then, something happened.

I met this guy, we started hanging out, and I noticed my eating habits start to slip. At some point things with the guy went weird – because I don’t know how to express myself emotionally – and so did my eating habits. I started eating a lot more crap, Jelly Beans for dinner wasn’t an abnorm.


Story of my life…

By the time I came home in March I think I had gained about 8lbs, and was unhappy again with my appearance. This only got worst. When I came home from school my parents went on a vacation, which left me and my little brother at home by myself. I don’t like to cook, and so unhealthy habits returned when we were here alone.


Their trip!

Anyways, I gained even more when they were gone and since then I have been trying to lose again – sort of unintentionally maintaining this weight – until recently.

The past week or so, it has gone up even more. I have kinda given up on myself. This sucks. My workouts have been crap, my eating has been horrible, and I just have the ‘I don’t care anymore’ mentality. I do try to have healthy habits, and then some point during the day I sabotage myself. I’m sick of myself – is that weird?

I know we all have struggles, and eating properly is mine – it just sucks that I have to look at it every day and that it is out there for the world to see.

April 2013

April 2013

I’m so so so embarrassed with how I look that I don’t want to do things with people. We have a family picnic this weekend, and I’m dreading it solely based on the fact that I look so fat.

Anyways, the point of this post is to say that I’m not exactly sure what to do with myself anymore – I’m at my last straw. I know that obsessing over calories, meal planning and just general focus on food does not really help me. I tend to go overboard if I try and achieve ‘balanced’ eating. Doing challenges also doesn’t really work all to well.

PicMonkey Collage

I was thinking today, I have 30 days until a friends wedding. It would be nice to lose a pound a day until then. I know as of today I hadn’t lost that one pound. I feel like this would be a failed challenge again.

Oh ya and a piggy bank update: piggy bank 2; Nicole 0


What I know for sure is that I will get back to normal workouts tomorrow, and then try to get healthy eats back on track. I will do that tomorrow, and then focus on another thought the next day.

One day at a time, one minute at a time.

If you made it to the end of the post, thank you haha – quite a lengthy one!

Trying Something New

Good morning, and Happy Hump day <– don’t forget to celebrate 😉

The other day I came up with this crazy idea, and I thought I would share it with you.

A few years ago I got this from my brother for Christmas…


What is it you ask? Well it is a piggy bank! So cool!! I actually love it. The only way to get the money out is to smash it. I know right! And it can hold up to $500!!

Right now I have just been putting lose change in it when I find it on the floor, and my wallet isn’t close by. I actually just love this thing and I keep it on my book shelf for decoration, but the other day I had an idea that would really put it to use – or hopefully not!


I kinda got the idea from Katie’s blog, where she would pay her sister for every day she was over her points (or something like that!). As you know my eating has not been very good lately, and I am really looking to get it back in check. I have a few good days, and then I fall right off the wagon again, which is so so so frustrating! Anyways, here is my idea.


Every day that my eating isn’t great, I am going to put a loonie – one dollar in Canada – in my piggy bank. Right now I don’t have a lot of money, so $1 is actually significant to me!


I want to spend my lose change on coffee, or David’s iced tea – not put it all in my piggy bank! I think – and hope  – this will be a good motivator to get me back on track!

I hope my piggy bank doesn’t make me go broke!!

This doesn’t mean that I am going to stop eating, or just eat veggies, no I am just going to clean things up. The only way I would have to ‘pay myself’ is if things got out of hand and I overate. I plan to keep a good balance, with some treats! But I am going to try and keep my treats small, and to once a week – not every day!


Basic’s that I know work for me:

– Dark chocolate squares
– Treat once a week
– No carbs for dinner
– lots of water
– protein shakes
– snack on healthy foods

Ok, off to start my day!! Hope you have a good one 🙂

Half Marathon Training: Week 6

Last week was actually a pretty good week of training, let’s discuss!!

Detroit Half Marathon Training: Week 6 (July 8 – July 14)

Tuesday: 3 slow miles

Thursday: 4 miles; 2 in the AM, 2 after lunch – felt great 🙂

Saturday: 6.5 miles

Total: 13.5 miles


I am very happy with this week, I ran 1 m

ore mile then I had planned 🙂

The times were not fast, especially on the long run, but as I have mentioned, right now I am simply focusing on the distance.



Recovery and strength are also two things I am trying to focus on, along with quality cross training.


Here is to another great week of half marathon training 🙂



Today I set a new Personal Disance Record!! I ran 6.5 miles!! Ok well I walk/ran it, but still!


Now I’m sitting outside with my feet up enjoying this beautiful day!! It was a bit hot for running, but I took my water bottle with me – drank the whole thing!

I went into this run with no specific route in mind. I started on the hilly highway and after a few short minutes I knew I would have to turn around and go home. My tank top was bugging the shit out of me, it kept creeping up to the top of my pants – uuggg!

So I turned around after 1.5 miles to go home and change. While home I yowled off, stretched a little and applied more sun screen! Then headed back out for 3.5 more miles around town. Funny thing the town is so small I had to run up and down some streets a few times to get all 3.5 miles in. Country living!

I took a two minute walk break, some were longer, between each mile for recovery. I kept my pace sloooooow but I ran all the miles – no ‘unplanned’ walk breaks- pace was usually between 10:30 and 11:00 min/miles. At this point I’m going for distance not time. In all I’m very happy with this run, and that I decided to do it. I almost skipped haha.

I’m off to foam roll, shower and out of town for the rest of the weekend!

Enjoy your weekend!

Back In Love

Hi friends, hope you had a great Thursday – I sure did!

This morning I woke up early to get a run in before heading out for the day. I had 3 miles on the schedule, but only did two. I was short on time and only fit two in, but they were two great miles! I took a short walk break between each mile, but it was a great quick run.

2 miles (20:36) – I think it was :36, but don’t feel like going to get my Garmin to check haha.

After that I came home, grabbed a peach and yogurt and headed for the road. I squeaked into Group Power, 60 min weights class, with seconds to spare. It was a new release today, so it was a brand new workout. I was a bit confused with a few things, but in general great workout, love that class!

After the class I was planning to go on a long walk with my brothers girlfriend. We plan walk breaks because I hate walking and she loves it, but once I get walking I actually enjoy it. Anyways, she had to cancel last minute so I headed to the park anyways to do my own walk.

The weather today was amazing. 20C, low humidity, sunny and a nice breeze. When I got to the park I couldn’t not run. Conditions were absolutely perfect! So I ran two more miles, and it was awesome!

2 miles (20:14) – or something very close.

The first mile was in the 9s – haven’t seen that number in a while!

Today’s run made me remember how much I love running. Running in the heat and humidity is hard, and I just need to chill out about it.

All in all it was a great day!! And I’m back in love with running – for today anyways 😉