Off The Wagon

Hey everybody, and happy Weekend!!!

I have kinda fallen off the workout wagon this week, which is not like me! I haven’t run, and I have skipped 2 workouts already (Wednesday and today). Working out is usually the easy part for me, but right now it seems like a struggle.

My legs have been acting up, which is why I haven’t had any desire to run. But they are feeling better now, so that excuse is gone. I just haven’t been feeling it.

Today I made a big pan of rice krispies, and ate way too many.


Red for Canada day! My older brother loves these, and he is a stick so I made them for him mainly. I make the best RK’s – so good! Needless to say the pan doesn’t look like this anymore.

Yesterday I also got my hair done. It was looking pretty horrible, this weird faided red colour that it goes too. I told my dresser that I wanted the red gone, and she said that it would have to be pretty dark to get it gone.



Dark it is! Almost black, I don’t really like it. And my bangs are not straight. UG!

Tomorrow my plan is to get up early before work and walk/run 5 miles, try and somewhat stick to my planned run. Next week business is back to normal. Oh and good motivation, my mom booked the hotel in Detroit today for the half marathon – non refundable.

Shit just got real.



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