A New Adventure

Last week I registered for the Detroit Free Press Half Marathon. Gulp.

I’m not really sure what to say about it. I’m excited more than anything. I know that if I put the time and work into it then I will be able to run it. But at the same time, I’m nervous which I guess is natural. I’m not really sure where to begin training wise. I have seen a whole bunch of half plans but don’t know what is best for me. I have one major goal going into this race: to finish. Simple. It is my first half, and I really think that is the goal of everyone’s first half. I put in my estimated finish time to be 2:20 (I think) which I feel is pretty realistic for me.

So where do I start. As of tomorrow I have 20 weeks to train, which is a lot for most half marathoners. And I am starting to get serious next week. I plan to hit up Chapters and the library to get a few half marathon books to look through to try and get an idea of how this should all work. Today I started to put together a training plan. I know my body can only run 3 times a week if I want to stay injury free. So I am planning to run Tues/Thurs/Sat. I want speed training on Tues. tempo on Thurs. and long on Sat. With Sunday being a rest day, or if I can’t do my long run Saturday then do that on Sunday.

The problem is, is that I don’t trust the training plans out there. I feel like just following what someone else has made won’t work for me. Or I just don’t like their plan. I don’t trust it. I feel I won’t be ready for the race. Or there are too many running days, or too many back to back running days. I can only run every other day, not two days in a row. Anyways, tomorrow I will hopefully find a good book to help me through this.

I’m so excited to run this half, I think it will be a blast. And to be honest I really just want to say ‘I ran a half marathon’! When I tell some people I can tell that they are surprised that I am doing this. I don’t really know why they are surprised. They think I can’t do it? Likely. Well I can, and I will! It makes me want to run it more just to prove to myself, and everyone else that I am capable of doing this!

Well, I have rambled away this post. But this week for running is simple:

Tues & Thurs: 3 miles; Saturday: 5 miles

Do you trust the training plans? Ever get nervous that you will be under trained? 


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