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The Weekender

Hey you guys!! Hope your all having a good weekend, I sure have!

Quick post now, and ill be back in the morning with last weeks training results. Warning: you have been warned haha.

This weekend I had quite a few of these:

I love Caesars and it was just a good weekend!

I also spent some quality time on the couch, and my little fur nephew joined me!


I tried to get on a few walks, which resulted in being eaten alive by mosquitoes. I have some nasty bites and they are really killing me.


What did you get up to this weekend?


Off The Wagon

Hey everybody, and happy Weekend!!!

I have kinda fallen off the workout wagon this week, which is not like me! I haven’t run, and I have skipped 2 workouts already (Wednesday and today). Working out is usually the easy part for me, but right now it seems like a struggle.

My legs have been acting up, which is why I haven’t had any desire to run. But they are feeling better now, so that excuse is gone. I just haven’t been feeling it.

Today I made a big pan of rice krispies, and ate way too many.


Red for Canada day! My older brother loves these, and he is a stick so I made them for him mainly. I make the best RK’s – so good! Needless to say the pan doesn’t look like this anymore.

Yesterday I also got my hair done. It was looking pretty horrible, this weird faided red colour that it goes too. I told my dresser that I wanted the red gone, and she said that it would have to be pretty dark to get it gone.



Dark it is! Almost black, I don’t really like it. And my bangs are not straight. UG!

Tomorrow my plan is to get up early before work and walk/run 5 miles, try and somewhat stick to my planned run. Next week business is back to normal. Oh and good motivation, my mom booked the hotel in Detroit today for the half marathon – non refundable.

Shit just got real.


A Picture Post

Here are a few pictures of what I’ve been up to lately, from my phone.

Finished volunteering in my grade 2 class and they gave me this lovely book. So sweet!

Very interesting. Saw in twitter.


Ate my first clam in a long time, and don’t know what I was thinking!

Nephews 10th Birthday cake, I didn’t get any 😦

Amazing wine!!

And I’ve been trying to go on more walks.

Detroit Half Marathon Training: Week 3

Hello my friends! Long time no chat! I have been busy busy busy!

I am here today to recap last week in training! It was week 3 of Half Marathon Training, and it went alright.

Cross training + Week 3 of Gina’s Summer Shape Up Workout!

2.25 mile run (24:55), cross training, 1 mile treadmill @ 6.1 mph


60 min elliptical

2.54 mile run (26:37) + Group Power




90 min cross training


5 mile run – 1.5 (16:15) outside, 2.5 (31:04) on treadmill, 1 (11:03) outside

Weekly mileage: 9.79 miles

Again, nothing ground breaking but it is getting done. My pace has been sloooow, which I am not very happy with. My eating hasn’t been too bad, still aiming for balance. Last night we went out for ice cream, and I got a child’s size instead of a big-as-you-face size. This way i still got the enjoy it but didn’t go crazy. My weight is still up, but working on that 🙂

Some things I want to work on this week:
– stretching
– more water
– balanced eating
– yoga! (youtube, maybe a class!)
– less snacking


A Quick Catch Up

Hi everybody, and Happy Friday – it is finally the weekend!! Wohoo!!

How has you week been? Mine has been busy, but I like busy!!

Today I went to my nephew’s school talent show, he is only 9…simply amazing!



I also did pretty good this week in the eating department! Very balanced, pretty healthy. Salads are back as a lunch staple, and I am enjoying it! I was doing well until today. I didn’t have lunch because we were at the show and by the time I got home I was starving. I don’t like getting like that. Anyways, I ate too much. It wasn’t balanced, or anything I was working on all week. But you know what, I am going to let it be and move on. I will not let it define me, or continue.

I got a new to me watch. I bought a Garmin forerunner 205 off of Kijiji. It is used, but it was only $50 and it works. I am happy.

Tonight I am spending in my PJs and on my couch with Netflix, actually I’ve already been here an animal.

20130614-190936.jpgHave a good weekend!

A Workout in Pictures













Monday’s workout in (recycled) pictures …

20130610-192356.jpg2 miles


20130610-192343.jpg20 mins


20130610-192349.jpgplanks + push-ups


20130610-192334.jpg1 mile

Watch Talk

Hey everybody! How are ya? Been a while, eh?

This have been going pretty well, been busy – but I love being busy!

Workouts have been ok. Last week I ran 3.1 miles on Tuesday, 3 on Thursday, and skipped my long run. Bad.

My Garmin is still being dumb. I got a new battery, my dad took it apart and replaced it and it still won’t work. I plug it in to charge and it says the charge is complete, but when I take it off and turn it on nothing happens. It won’t turn on. I’m getting quite frustrated. This weekend I skipped my run because I didn’t have a watch to track. The iPod app is crap. But really it was just an excuse. So instead, today I need to head to the gym and run on the treadmill, bore.

I went down to the Running Room yesterday to look at the Garmin 10, and the man that worked there was telling me about this other watch, the Soleus.


It looks and sounds like a pretty good watch, and its only $89. I looked it up online and it has mixed reviews, but for the most part it seems good for the cost. I don’t love the display though. I am very indecisive about it. This watch, along with the Garmin 10, doesn’t do speed work which is a draw back. Really I just want my old watch so I don’t have to spend any money.

I was also thinking about just spending the money and getting one of the new Garmin’s…

Forerunner® 610

But honestly I’m not sure. My 405 was just over 2 years old, and I treated it really well. I don’t want to spend $350 on a new one for it to just break.

So as you can see I’m torn. I don’t know what to do. But I do know that I need a new watch ASAP! Because I really don’t enjoy running on the treadmill, which makes me skip my training runs. Poor excuse.

Thoughts, rec’s?