Fitness Teacher?

Last night I had the best sleep! After all of that cardio yesterday I was tired when I got home from spin last night. I zonked right out and had an amzing sleep! I’m a pretty light sleeper, so I always love when I sleep like a rock. This morning my alarm went off at 8AM (I know I get to sleep in these days!) and I turned it off and fell back to sleep. Thank goodness my Mom text me at 8:20 otherwise I would have slept right through the class I wanted to go to!

I headed down to the gym for Group Power, a 60 minute weights class. I think I have mentioned it before but I enjoy this class a lot. It is a great workout, and I can notice a difference in my body after just one class! It is 60 minutes total and for each track it focuses on one muscle group. Example, there are 5 minutes of squats – ouch! Anyways, it was a great class, and I sweat up a storm in it! After the class I went and did 60 easy minutes on the spin bike – by accident! I was only planning to do 30 minutes but the trainer from the Group Power and I chatted for about 35 minutes while I was riding and before I knew it I was already at 45 minutes. So I just rode it out to have a full 60. The tention was light, but it felt good to just spin it out.

The trainer I was talking to is awesome! She is the one who has been encouraging me to run Detriot this fall. More on that tomorrow ;). Anyways, through our conversation, she asked me if I would be interested in auditioning to teach the Group Power class come the fall. At first I didn’t think I would be. But after she left and I was riding on the bike it got me thinking, why not? I have good form (she said), I enjoy the class, and group fitness is something I want to try some day. Why not today? I know how to teach in the classroom, so now I will get to apply those skills to fitness!

Anyways, I am likely going to be trying out and see how it goes. Another job to add to the list. I think it could be really fun and I’m a little excited about it now! Also, this is a bit of a motivator to get on the healthy eating waggon. I don’t want to be up infront of a group of 10-20 people teaching a class and not have healthy habits myself!

What is new and exciting in your life right now?


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