Missed a day, or 2

As I told you yesterday, I took Sunday as a rest day. I thought that by taking a day off my body could really rest and recover and I would be back at it 100% ready for Monday. Or not.

Yesterday I didn’t make a workout happen. I went and got groceries in the morning with my Mom, and then in the afternoon I got busy doing other things. And to be honest I just didn’t feel like it. Lazy.

I find that when I take days from working out off it is harder to get back at it sometimes. It is like if I don’t take any days off then it is easier to keep it going. Weird, I know. But today is a new day and I’m back on the workout wagon!


I got up and headed to the gym. I did an hour weights class, which killed me! I love this class, but I haven’t done it in a few weeks and it destroyed me. The tricep track had my whole body shaking. But I love feeling this way! After the class I headed to the cardio room and did an easy 30 minutes on the arch trainer, followed by 35 minutes on the spin bike. I left a sweaty mess, just what I needed!!! I feel great šŸ™‚ It amazes me what a workout can do to someones mood!


I was suppose to run yesterday, and then I bumped it to today but it is raining today so I didn’t run. Also my legs have been killing me and I have these massive blisters on the bottom of my feet from wearing my sandles on the weekend. So now I am trying to decide which days to run now.


Delima, we are going camping Friday-Sunday so I won’t have gym access lol. I need to plan so I still get workouts in, although I know myself and I won’t want to workout at all. Run plan: Wednesday, Friday, Sunday. So Saturday I’ll just find lots of other active things to do.


My eating wasn’t great yesterday, crap! But I was determined to turn things around today. My Dad had the knock-off Lucy Charms cereal here, and I really wanted to try it! So instead of depriving myself, and then eating a whole bunch of it, I had a mug of it with my toast this morning. One mug of that crap isn’t good for me, but it is also not going to kill me. If having one mug is what will keep me on track today surrounded with a large amount of junk food in the house, than so be it! And now I know it wasn’t even that good šŸ™‚

And lastly I leave you (more myself) with this reminder…

PicMonkey Collage


Have a great Tuesday!


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