Friday’s Food

As a way to get myself back on track, eating wise, I thought I would do a Friday’s Food post! Here is what I ate yesterday, for the most part.

Breakfast: 7:45am

1 whole wheat toast with PB, strawberries/raspberries/pineapple, coffee with milk, water with lemon


Water, lots and lots of water. I put some lemon in some of my water yesterday to keep things real šŸ™‚


Lunch: 12:00pm

Chicken noodle cup-a-soup, bread with spicy humus, cucs + carrots


Snack: 1:30pm

Blueberry Greek Yogurt


Snack: 3:30pm



Dinner: 5:30pm

Angel hair pasta under a thin layer of peanut sauce and shrimp. (didn’t snap a pic.)

Around 8:30pm I started getting hungry but had some water instead of food.

Notes: I was a bit heavy on the carbs, I realize that and I am OK with it. This was a day that I spent trying to get back on track. Making my lunch I knew there was not enough protein in it to keep me full, so I knew I would be hungry in the afternoon. I had a greek yogurt, which filled me up until 3:30, when I was trying to solve my Garmin problem my stomach was growling and I needed food quick. I know myself and knew I would eat the whole kitchen if I did have a big snack. This is when popcorn is perfect! I cooked up 1/3 cup for 180 calories and it let me stuff my face (literally I eat it by the handful) and not kill my healthy eating. Popcorn is such a good snack!! Dinner also wasn’t ideal, I had a salad planned to go with it but we were out, but I kept my portions small and tried not to over do it. Protein was also lacking with dinner, which is why I was hungry again later. I also had a handful of pumpkin seeds and a few dill rice chips.

I am off to work, and then to the Running Room where they can hopefully help me with my watch! Have a great day!!


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