Broken Garmin

I am in a crummy mood right now, for one reason. My Garmin is broken. Yesterday I went on a run, see below, and it seemed fine. Later I returned to get my stats and it wasn’t working. Well through the last 24 hours I have discovered that it won’t hold a charge. It works fine when I have it plugged in, but the second I unplug it it goes dead. I did manage to get it to stay on for a few seconds and it has the low battery signal and then shuts off.

I’m not happy about this, for a better choice of words. The watch is just over 2 years old. I don’t know how to run without it. I depend highly on my Garmin. Not only for my runs but my bikes as well. Gah I’m so mad!

Moving on to happier things, or maybe not, yesterday I ate crappy too. It was good until the afternoon, and then I went to work and when I got home my family had gotten pizza and I had that. Bad choices! But I turned it around today!

Let’s talk about yesterday’s workout. I want to get faster, so I did a speed workout! I set my Garmin up for intervals, and was off. I did half a mile warm up and then 6x400s, and half a mile cool down. I walked the rest parts, not ideal but I knew it needed to happen in order to complete the intervals.

6 x 400 Stats
2:18 (9:16)
2:20 (9:20)
2:16 (9:08)
2:15 (9:03)
2:13 (8:56)
2:15 (9:02)

There was a mean head wind on the way out, I did an out and back, and it slowed me down a bit. I am very happy with the stats from the workout!! It shows me I can run faster with some work, which is exactly why I did this workout. In the end I completed 4 miles total at around 53 minutes. Yes slow, but that is because of all of the walking. Next week I am going to try and jog 2 of the rest intervals, start small. I know that if I was doing this workout on a treadmill I would have hated every minute and likely not completed it, but outside I can somehow push myself. I hate treadmill running! Another reason I need my Garmin!

I don’t know what I am going to do for my long run tomorrow. Without my Garmin means I’ll have to go on the stupid treadmill or run without any info. Gah! Stupid thing!

Any tips on how to fix my problem child watch?


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