My Indecisiveness

I have a weird personality, I am very indecisive! Making decisions is not an easy thing for me sometimes. Or often I will change things later on. Something as easy as deciding what I wanted for breakfast this morning was hard! I wanted eggs but didn’t feel like making them, I wanted oatmeal but am all out of my natural PB and almost out of protein powder, and my Mom made muffins but I didn’t want those because I didn’t think it would keep me full and they are not the healthiest. So I stood in the kitchen trying to decide. Finally I just made toast with PB.

Being indecisive is not an easy personality trait to have, I find myself second guessing all the time. On the other end of the spectrum I get frustrated with not being able to make decisions that I find myself being very impulsive sometimes as well. I find my personality works in extremes, never a happy medium – so odd!

Ok, so this post isn’t going where I was expecting it to, haha. I am having the racing itch right now. I haven’t raced in a few weeks, after coming off a 3 week race high, and I want to race. But here is where the indecisiveness comes in. I want to race because I love it, it is fun, and I want more medals on my rack đŸ˜‰


Only 2 more until all of the hooks are full!!

But on the other hand I know I shouldn’t be racing right now. #1 races are expensive, and I have no money. #2 my runnins has been pitiful lately. I find that my pace is slowing and my distance is too – which is something I am NOT happy with. #3 I have not been training and would not get a PR.

So, what I need to do is commit to a few races, and train my butt off.

Here is what I am thinking and looking for:

#1 My sub 30 5K – Hoping to get this one this summer, but can’t find a local awesome race!

#2 A Sprint duathalon – looking at late summer, but this one really is up in the air. I know I can do it if I train. 2kM run, 20KM bike, 5KM run. I can do that!!

#3 Fall half marathon – looking at Detroit  and/or Niagara. I heard Oakville is good too, same organizers as my favourite Mississauga! And we have a local one in London – Springbank, but it is smaller and I want my first half to be big! I like big races đŸ™‚

#4 Run the 2 August races. I have a 10K and an obstacle run in August and I want to do well in them both! 10K PR hopefully!!!! So no more race registrations in August, but I am going to look into September and October!

It helps me to remind myself of my big goals, and where I want the rest of this year to go, because I forget sometimes and just get all frustrated with myself! I also need to remember for my first half that the goal is just to simply finish and try to enjoy it. Time not being a huge deal!


Ok, so now that you know about my crazy brain thoughts and I have rambelled and tried to get my thoughts organized, I wish you a happy Thursday and remind you to smile!!


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