How Jay-Z Got Me Riding

As I have mentioned I have been struggling with the fear of riding my brand new lovely awesome bike. The facts:

– a trainer at my gym got hit by a car while riding, and had a concussion and was out of working out for 6 months

– it is windy out and the bike is light and it scares me when the wind moves my bike

– I’m afraid of getting hit by a car

– I’m afraid of causing an accident because of my new skills, or lack there of (not being able to stop or get unclipped or something)

– I’m afraid of crashing

– I’m afraid of not being able to get unclipped and hurting myself

– I need bike shorts!


So those are all the reasons, or excuses that I have been using for not riding my bike. It has just been sitting in the garage collecting dust. Great.

Yesterday my friend text me asking how the bike was, and I told her what had been going on. She said to just play some Jay-Z before I go out and just go. Awesome advice, I love Jay-Z!!

So last night after eating too much chocolate frozen yogurt (yum!) I decided to just do it. So I got all geared up and headed out. I did 6 miles in 23 minutes and was happy! I went out with little expectations and was please with what I did. I put my Garmin on the Bike getting and strapped it on my bike for stats. My average pace was 15.5 mph. I was happy with this too! On the way out, I did an out and back, I felt great and was going pretty fast, but on the way back there was a pretty big head wind I had to battle through – we were getting a storm. The last mile or so my lady parts started to get angry was well, I need bike shorts ASAP!!!

When I got back I was a sweaty mess and almost crashed in the driveway because I almost didn’t get my pedal unclipped in time.

I am proud of myself for getting out there, it is not easy to do something sometimes when your scared. I know that every time I go out and ride it pushes the fear away a little bit more.

Any advice for beginner road cyclists like me?


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