5% Update #2

Good Monday morning!! It is a holiday here in Canada, Victoria Day, so we are enjoying an extra long weekend!! Woohoo!!

Let’s get to the 5% update #2. Well, from last Sunday I am down .4 lbs. Womp womp womp. As I have mentioned my weight fluctuates a lot, the past 3 days I have lost almost a pound each day. That is good! Last week I had a few bad days which put me up, and I am slowly bringing it back down. It seems to be a slow process, and I get discouraged quickly. I need to remember to stick with it and keep up the healthy eating. Something I used to tell myself a lot was “just weight less than you did yesterday” which is a good mindset for me. Even if I weigh .2 lbs less, I am still moving in the right direction, because right now I am just hovering at a weight and I hate it! So I am just going to keep on keeping on and do my best! I need to work on cleaning up my eats!


It is hard to want to update this when I am failing miserably, no surprise there. I am not sure what it is going to take to get my mind to click. I have good days and then I have bad days. I say no to myself a lot in terms of trying not to eat junk, and sometimes I just feel like I have used up all of my ‘no’s’. I must sound like a crazy person – ha ha. I need to say no to all the junk treats in my house, my Mom buys snacks for my family, and splurge on something I really love. Example, leave alone those processed cookies in the pantry and wait to ‘treat’ myself when we go out for ice cream. Makes perfect sense! Now I just need to stick with it!

Green smoothy & Rice Krispies with strawberries

Green smoothy & Rice Krispies with strawberries

Focusing on 3 meals a day, and eating as healthy as possible is a good way for me. When I start snacking I don’t want to stop, so if I never start at all then it is much better for me. I know how to lose weight, I have done it before, but I just need to stick with it. I want to do it now, and just be able to maintain the rest of my life.

What tricks or tips do you have to keeping your hand out of the cookie jar and staying on track with healthy eating?


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