Running on Empty, Literally

This morning I got up, and got ready for my run. I usually eat breakfast and let it settle for a few hours before my run, but today was different. The local volunteer fire department was putting on their annual breakfast this morning, and my plan was to go do my run and then hit breakfast up after. So I had a sip of water and was off.

Right from the start my body felt tired, and my hamstrings were screaming at me – thanks to the dead lifts I did yesterday, duh! I took it slow from the beginning knowing I needed to pace myself because I was aiming for 6.5 miles – longest run ever! After 1 mile I was dying, so I took a 1 minute walk break and then got back at it. I hit the 2 mile mark just as I was near the gym. I was tired, and just wasn’t feeling the run today so I decided to just go to the gym.

I went and did 30 semi-easy minutes on the elliptical and then walked over to the fire hall for breakfast. It was fun, there were some cute men there and the food was yummy! At these breakfasts I try and stick to filling up on protein, always lots of eggs and some whole wheat toast. They always have bacon, and sausages and home fries, so I usually grab a strip of bacon or a sausage, but try and stick to protein. My Moms partner is on the dept so we had breakfast together and then I walked home, he was there cooking etc.

So no, my 6.5 miles did no happen, but I ran 2 and learned a lot. I learned to listen to my body. My legs and knees were also sore today, and 2 miles was enough for them. I also learned that I can’t do a long run on an empty stomach. Some people can run 6 miles on empty, I am not one of those people.

The plan is to go out tomorrow, after breakfast, and try again for a long run. No big deal! I love my relaxed approach to running, try again tomorrow. I didn’t really even feel guilty about quitting my run. It was cloudy and spitting rain a bit and I just wasn’t feeling it. Hopefully tomorrow it is at least sunny so I can work on my tan!


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