5+1 Things Friday

Good Friday Morning!!!! It is the weekend for me, I don’t have to work tonight, and I am pretty excited!

1. Yesterday I rode my bike!! Yeahhh me! It was a very short ride, only 2.39 miles, but it was a ride. I went out on the country roads and I was as nervous as a cat! I wore my running shoes to help myself to feel confident on the road. It was really windy and I could feel the wind pushing my bike sideways, which is one of the reasons I turned around and came home. I am happy I got out there, even just for a quick ride! Cycling is not like running for me, but it might be one day.


I need some more pictures of bikey!

2. Last night I went to my Dads and they had a Costco sized bag of Jelly Belly’s + chocolate covered berries there. Well I fell apart. Today I had cookies. Sometimes I just can’t deal around yummy crappy treats. Pick up and move on. Jelly Belly’s are so fun though! I love having one at a time and guessing the flavour!!


3. I need to clean my room + do laundry today! End of story, I have no workout clothes left.

4. Today I need to drink lots of water. Tomorrow morning I am doing my long run, aiming for 6.5 miles, and I need to be well hydrated. I have found on my runs that I am getting thirsty quickly, which is a sign of dehydration. Yesterday I did 3.1 miles and before I hit half way I was thirsty. Bad!


5. My Mom asked me yesterday when my next race was. When I told her I didn’t have one she was shocked. I have a 10K and an Obstacle run, but not until August. There is a really fun looking 5 or 15K on June 1st, but its back in Mississauga (3 hours away) and I really don’t have the money for the registration. In a way it feels kinda good just focusing on training and not having a race looming over my head that I have to hurry up and get ready for. I know races can be motivational and all but if I’m not ready (and I am never ready) then they make me anxious. Anyways, I am still on the hunt for a 5K to get my sub 30PR in, but I am not ready for it yet. So no races for the next little bit, feels good to take a small break – although I love me some good road races 🙂



Speaking of running yesterday the plan was to run 3.1 miles in the 9s. I didn’t care where it was in the 9s just for each miles have a 9 at the beginning. Well I crashed and burned. There was a huge head wind going out. Mile 1: 9:38. Then I began the run walk at mile 1.6. Total: 3.1 miles 34:10. I was upset with myself for not being able to keep this pace anymore, I could a few months ago, but then I realized its not a big deal. I need to relax and work at it. Next week I am going to do a tempo, .5 warm up, 2 @ 9:?? min/mile, .5 cool down. Start with a bit shorter distances and work myself up. I’m in training right now,base training at that, no reason to kill myself.

6. You get a #6 today because its Friday, and your lucky. I found this awesome app last night. Its the SeeWheeze app for the Lululemon half marathon. It is awesome!! It gives you a training plan, yoga videos, warm ups, playlists, everything you need to run a half marathon!! I am not running SeeWheeze but I plan to use this app for sure. Check it out!!!!

iPhone Screenshot 1


Have a great Friday!

What is your favourite Jelly Belly flavour?


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