My New Ride + A Confession

Hey! I need to make this quick, because I have to get to bed. I have a 5:30am wake up call tomorrow to workout. Why so early? Because I am, finally, going to start volunteering! I’m excited to get back into the classroom, I miss it!!

As I told you, I bought a bike on the Saturday of Mississauga! The bike is a beauty, Specialized, and it rides really smooth.



I got all the necessary accessories to go with it: helmet, bottle cage, clip shoes. I just need to get a pair of bike shorts, but the funds are looooow right now so I can’t afford them.




Well, I have a confession to make. I haven’t touched my bike in a week. It’s a brand new beautiful thing, and I haven’t been riding it. There are a few reasons, well excuses. 1. I need bike shorts, without my parts kill. 2. I am scared of falling, again. The clipless shoes/pedals are a bit of a learning curve. I fell a lot and got some pretty nasty bruises. I’m afraid of falling and really hurting myself. 3. I’m scared. I’m scared of riding and getting into an accident with a car. The bike is different from anything I have ever ridden, so it is something I need to get used to. I know a few people who have been hit by cars, and I’m scared it will be me. I’m not very steady on the bike and add the whole unclipping bit in and I’m just a wreck. So, Mr.T has just been sitting in the garage. Stupid.




The thing is is I have a bit of a student loan to pay. Buying this bike was not cheap, and I’m not even riding it. Right now I feel dumb for buying the bike and not using it, when I could have put that money toward my student loans that I so badly want to pay off.

So what am I going to do? Well I have to just push myself to get on the darn thing and ride! Go for small rides to build up my confidence. We live in the country so it is mostly highway/country roads around us which is good but scary. I have also been thinking about getting normal pedals for now, while I’m getting use to it.

I have wanted this bike for so long, I think I would really enjoy cycling if I could just get into it.

Any tips, advice or success stories for me?


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