5% Update #1

Good Monday morning to you!!

I need to get my butt to the gym, it is already 10:20am!, but thought I would stop by and say hi!

Goals for this week: drink more water, eat less, move more. Plain and simple 🙂

Now on to other things.

Oh the dreaded challenge update. I said I would update regardless of how I was doing, so here we go. (Ideally I would have liked to update last Sunday but things were just too exciting with Mississauga and all and yesterday was Mother’s Day, so here is an update, finally! :))

As you can guess, this are slightly side railed. Since the challenge started, I am up 1.2 lbs.

My body amazes me. First, my weight fluctuates dramatically every day. In one day I can be down 2.5 lbs, and the next I’ll but up 1.9 lbs. Also, last week I thought I was doing well, when I was at my Dads house, and I came home and weighed myself and I was up 3 lbs. WTF! I know that weighing myself daily helps to keep me on track, which is something I need to be mindful of when I am at my dads. Sometimes I think I am doing better than I actually am. I thought my workouts were good last week, I felt like I worked hard every day!

Let’s review my workouts from last week:

M: Skip
T: 20 min arch, 60 min weights class
W: 10 min stair master, 45 min spin class, 15 min core
Th: 10 min bike, 60 min weights class, 25 min incline walking, 10 min bike
F: 15 min arch trainer, 45 min weights class, 10 min stair master, 60 min circuit class
Sa: 6.2 mile run
Su: Rest

Typing it all out here helps me see what is missing. I can see that I didn’t have a lot of quality cardio time. I did a lot of weight classes this week – awesome!! – but I left out the cardio. I guess I need to beef that up a bit this week!! 60 minutes 3 days a week, 45 min the other 3 days is what I will aim for this week!

I guess I also need to eat better. Yesterday I didn’t eat well, so back to lots of fruits and veggies today! I still have 17 more full days to reach this goal. I am in the right mind set, I just need to stick with it and improve on the areas I lacking!

What are you working to improve at this week?


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