Run Report, Coloured Crops & Mother’s Day

Hello, and Happy Sunday!

Today is a rest day, so lets talk about yesterday – it was a good one!

As I mentioned I had a long run on the plan for yesterday morning. So I let my breakfast settle, did a little cleaning and headed out. The other day I got in the mail a new Lululemon longsleve shirt I got off of their ‘we made too much’ section of their online store. Since it was 5C (br….) I decided to wear it for my run. Not only does it look nice, but it is so soft, and has a pocket in the back for my phone (that I like to carry for long runs on the highway). Love love love this shirt!!!



So I headed out with 6.2 miles as my goal. I knew I could do it because I had run 6.2 for the past 3 weekends. I decided to just go slow and keep going. I tried not to look at my watch too much and just focus on driving my knees up and keep going. Mile 1: 10:35Mile 2: 10:33. When my watch beeped for mile 2 I stopped and took a 1 minute walk break. I was tired already, and didn’t really understand how. Last weekend I ran 6.2 without stopping. Needless to say I was frustrated already.  At mile 3 I stopped at home for a bathroom break, and some water – I was so thirsty! I sure did get used to having aid stations haha, need to carry water. Mile 3: 11:10.

I stopped for another 1 minute walk break when my watch beeped for mile 4: 10:58. At this point I was on the highway, so at mile 4.5 I turned around to head home. At this point I stopped my watch to cross the road and walked across. I stopped again at mile 5 for another 1 minute walk break. Mile 5: 11:28. From mile 5 I ran the rest of the way to 6.2. Mile 6: 11:23, Mile .2: 2:06.

6.2 miles – 1:08:16

Average pace: 11:01

Yes my run was slow, but it matters that I got out there and did it. When I looped home at the half way point I had it in the back of my mind that I wouldn’t go back out and do the rest, but I did! My legs and knees were very sore, so it was good I got back out there. Also I kept to the strict 1 minute walk breaks, not a second more, which helped.

My running plan right now: Tuesday & Thursday – 3.1 miles in the 9:XX min/mile pace; Saturday – 6.2+ miles slow.

Right now I just want to build a solid base for half marathon training next month. Ideally I don’t want to be as slow as I am on long runs so I need to work on this. By keeping my Tues & Thurs runs short I want to keep that pace in the 9 min/mile range. I worked hard to make my legs faster, and now I feel like I have completly lost all of that work. We will see how this plan works 🙂

Yesterday afternoon I also stopped in at Old Navy to see if they had any summer capris, because I have NONE! I came across these babies and love them!





I am never sure about clothes, so I took a picture of them and texted it to my sister for another opinion (I was shopping with my 13 year old brother). They look better in real life then they do in the picture. I am so happy with them. Why you ask? Well because I have big legs. It is hard to find nice capris for big legs. Not only do these fit nice, but they are coloured. I have never owned a pair of coloured pants because they are usually all skinny pants, and I can’t wear skinny pants. For those of you interested, these are skinny boyfriend capris. $35 at Old Navy in Canada. If you have big legs, you need to get these!! STAT! Go now haha.

After a long run my tummy is never good, so I only had a little bit of lunch before we went shopping. By the time we got home though my stomach was back to normal and in need of food, stat! We get this delicious dip from a local grocery store, and that is all I wanted.




Delicious chips + awesome dip + runners hunger = amazing snack! I only had a little bit, and it was awesome!



On a major endorphin high!

Lastly, Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mama’s out there!! I have the best Mama in the world, and am so thankful for her!!

Ma & I

We started off the day with a big family breakfast at a yummy breakfast buffet. Now I love breakfast buffet’s just as much as the next person, but I find I eat too much at them. It was yummy, and so nice to see the whole family!

Ma, Grandma and I

I am off to spend more time with my Mom, enjoy your day!



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