Not So Good With Goodbye’s

Last night I crashed and burned, hard. It all began yesterday afternoon, I got my hunger pains and instead of simply satisfying them with a simple snack, I went a bit to far. I then got the ‘screw it’ mentality. Went to work, and on the way home my Dad stopped to get pizza. I had some of that, it was good! Then to round the night off appropriately, I had a cookie…or 2. Good Lord. It was bad. Today is a new day.

I hit the ‘reset button’ before I went to bed last night making today a better day. A perfect day to get back on track!

I dragged my butt jumped out of bed ready to hit the road for a run. It was raining. Well plan B, head to the gym. I was planning to take that old lady senior weights class again. Before the class I did 15 minutes on the arch trainer, and then headed up the the class. Today it was a lot easier. The trainer that was teaching the class, who is also the director of this branch, is leaving and moving to Ottawa, and there was a little celebration after, so maybe he didn’t want to push the old ladies too hard. This was ok though because I did a weights class yesterday and I’m sore from it.

After doing so much damage last night I knew that I needed a bit more of a workout, because I really hadn’t done much. So I headed down to the cardio room and did 10 minutes on the stair master. Then I remembered there was a circuit class going on in the gym so I headed over to that. The class was 60 minutes of circuit training, and it kicked my butt. I honestly love those classes because I know I am working hard, and getting a great workout in. The trainer was awesome and helpful with correcting my form and making sure I was doing everything correctly. I loved it!! It was hard but awesome.

At the end of the weights class all of the older ladies started getting sad and crying and I just decided to put my stuff away and leave. I hate saying good bye. I would rather just ignore the whole thing and leave, just like I did. I don’t know why I do that. I could feel myself tearing up, because I worked closely with this trainer at my job, and really liked him, but instead of saying good bye I left without saying anything. This may come across as rude but for me it is just easier then the whole good bye process. I just get sad and cry. Does this make sense?

Hopefully I see him around this week before he moves.

How are you with good byes?

Tomorrow morning I am going to weigh myself, and will have an update tomorrow with how my 5% is going. I have a feeling after yesterday that its going to be messy.



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