Thursday Thoughts

After yesterday’s post of working out less, your going to laugh at today’s workout.

Workout: 10 minutes bike, Group Power, 25 minutes incline walking, 10 minutes bike

Let me explain. I got to the gym a few minutes early, and after setting up my weights for Group Power, I hoped on the bike to kill 10 minutes. After class I had plans to meet my cousin for a workout in the cardio room. My cousin is just beginning her workouts, so we did some walking on the treadmill and then a few minutes on the bike. Both were fairly easy, although I did get a good sweat on!

After I did some easy cardio with the cuz she asked if I wanted to do weights, but I had just done am hour weights class and my muscles were tired! So I told her I would show her some weights stuff. We stuck to the machines, and I showed her proper form and we talked about reps and sets and when to put your weight up, ect. It was fun, I love helping people and getting them going at the gym! She asked me “how do you know all of this stuff?” and I really didn’t know what to say? How do I know about all things exercise that I know? I guess I just read and listen and learn about it, because I love it and I am interested in it!

The trainer that teaches the Thursday morning weights class is my absolute favourite! I love her, she is so nice and encouraging and friendly, and she pushes me, exactly what I need. We have been talking about running, and I have been telling her about my recent crash and burn and success with the 10K. I expressed to her that I am wanting to run a fall half marathon but don’t really know if I can do it, essentially I’m scared. I have been thinking about doing Detriot in October. Turns out she and her husband are running that race as well! Anyways, she said she would send me a good beginner training plan to follow and also said that we could do some runs together! I am excited about this!!! Someone who is doing the same thing as me, will keep me motivated and is at about my pace. She is just getting back into running, so I wouldn’t have to worry about being ‘the slow one’. I really hope this pans out because it would be so nice to have someone to run with, I’m craving a good running partner!! This way I know I would stick to the training because she would be there holding me accountable. Anyways I am excited!!

In other news, last night/yesterday afternoon I lost my shit a little. You see I have been eating smaller breakfasts, and in the afternoon I get hungry. I try and keep it under control but yesterday I lost it. I ended up having too much oatmeal, and just decided to have that for dinner. I need to figure out if this is hunger, or boredom. So today I am going to get out of the house, go to the library, to distract myself! I am also eating lunch early, at 11:30-11:45ish right after I get home from the gym, and I think this is throwing everything off.

Have you listened to the Great Gatsby sound track yet? You must do this now!! Go, listen, you will LOVE it!!

The other night I watched Something Borrowed again, I love that movie!! Last night I watched a CBC documentary on the Fifth Estate about Colonel Russell Williams, because my parents were talking about him and I didn’t know anything about what they were saying, scary crap!! That man was a creepy one!!

Ok, that’s about all I have to report on today!

Have a great one 🙂


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