My Workouts Have Changed & Food Thoughts

Happy Hump Day! Half way to the weekend – woohoo!!

Workout: 10 min stair master, spin + core class

This morning I headed to the gym and started with 10 minutes on the stair master. I haven’t been on the stair master in months, because it tends to irritate my legs, so I thought I would try it today. Holy cow I forgot how good of a workout that machine is! 10 minutes and I was drenched! I used to go on the stair master nearly every day when I was at school, and now I know why! It did irritate my legs a bit though so I am going to ease back into going on it. Then I headed to my favourite spin class. It was a very sweaty one. After we did about 10 minutes of core and I died. Something I am trying to work on is making my core stronger because it helps running, and well is just essential. The thing is, is that I hate doing core work, with a passion. One of the main reasons is because I’m not good at it, I have a weak core, and its hard and uncomfortable. But in order to get a stronger core, I have to work it, which is why I love when the classes I take have core work built into them!


Not a spin bike, but a pretty bike!

I have been noticing in the past few days that my workouts have changed recently, and not on purpose. I used to go to the gym for a long time, meaning my daily gym sessions were long. If I was going to a class, be it spin or weights, I would get to the gym so I could do 30-45 minutes of cardio before the class. Now, I simply take the class and leave. For example, yesterday I took an hour weights class and that was it.


Burned 580 calories in a 45 minute workout. That’s what we call efficiency!

I’m really not even sure why this has changed. When I was on placement I would workout in the morning  but only had about 45-50 minutes to get my workout in. I think I may have learned how to get things done quick. Also, I know that a workout is not about length, its about how much work you put into  what your doing. Quality over quantity! Look at the people who do Crossfit, they workout hard for short periods of time. Anyways, things have gotten shorter and I’m ok with it.

Early morning treadmill time!

Early morning treadmill time!

I haven’t stepped on the scale for a few days now, because I’m at my Dads and we don’t have a scale here, so I’m not sure where I’m at weight loss wise. I know my time spent at the gym is quality, I’m always covered in sweat and tired. Win! I also know that if I workout too much my legs will get injured again, so I have to be mindful of this! Right now in my life I just don’t feel the need to workout for 2 hours a day. That doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with working out for that long, but I feel satisfied right now with my 1 hour workouts.


Foam rolling like a champ!

Another thing is that my eating has been getting better. No, by no means is is perfect, but its more natural and balanced. I have been having 2 cookies in the afternoon this week, and I know this isn’t the healthiest choice  but its working. I can’t do the whole deprivation thing, I can’t keep telling myself no all the time or I will blow up and eat way too many cookies. That is just the way my brain works. I am learning what works and what does not work for me. Another thing I have noticed is that I can’t think about meal planning and what I eat to much or it just gets out of hand. I think eating is a natural thing and what I am doing right now feels natural. Eat when your hungry, don’t when your full. Choose healthy options, but allow yourself some treats. 


Now I know I need to workout in order to cut weight, and to be honesty I love working out. I am one of those crazy people that enjoys it. Don’t get me wrong, there are days I hate it or don’t want anything to do with the gym, but for the most part it is something I really enjoy. For me the battle is in the kitchen. Although I know what foods to eat (I am actually very knowledgeable about healthy foods!) I love sugar foods. This is something I am always working on, and it will be my daily struggle to “Step away from the cookies”. Again, learning how your body works, and what strategies you can use to keep your body healthy is key! I hope my philosophy on exercise and eating stays like this, and this isn’t just a phase I’m going through because I’m really digging it!

What works for you? How do you keep your diet in check, but your sweet tooth happy?

Have a great day!

– Nicole


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