2013 Goals

Good morning!!

I have to write a post on my bike adventure, and an update on my 5% challenge (ekkk!) but I thought I would talk about goals today!

I don’t know if I ever posted my goals for 2013, so I thought today would be a good day to do that! And if I have posted them, well then today is a good day to review them and see how progress is going. I think it is important to revisit your goals and remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing, and where you want to go in the next year!

Now that we are into May it is a good time to start making plans and preparing to tick a few more goals off my list!

2013 Goals

Run sub 30 5K Race

Run a 10K Race – CHECK!! Forest City 10K + Mississauga 10K

Run a Half Marathon

Weigh xxx + maintain

Run 500 miles

Buy a bike – CHECK!! On the weekend 🙂


As of right now I have achieved 2 out of 6 of my goals, not too shabby. My goals are pretty broad and open ended  which I did on purpose. Being young and not having a lot of plan in my life right now is a good thing and a scary thing. I didn’t want to make huge goals and then my life change and not be able to achieve them.

What’s Next?

Now that I have a good 10K race under my belt (at Mississauga) and I feel good about that distance I am really going to focus on training. I went into the Mississauga race feeling burnt out, as I told you I didn’t even want to run the race. It was my 3rd race in a month and, although I love racing, I find it stressful and feel a lot of pressure when I race (which is my own fault). So for now I really want to focus on training, and getting faster in my running. A fall half marathon is the goal right now, so my plan is to start building a solid base to get ready to start training next month.


I’m thinking that I will try and find a local 5K this summer to run and try to get my sub-30 PR, I really really really want a sub 30 in the 5K. I think, more I know, I will feel very accomplished if I can just get a sub 30. For many people that is a slow time, for me it is not 🙂

Running 500 miles has been slipping. To achieve this goal I need to run 42 miles a month, which is just over 10 miles a week. Right now I am no where near achieving this goal. I am going to get back into a normal training routine (3 times a week) and work harder at this goal. I am a very injury prone runner, so I need to be careful, but I still want to hit my 500 for the year 🙂

Probably the biggest goal is losing all my lbs, and maintaining. I have a lot to go, but I also have 7.5 months to do it. I need to buckle down and get to work on this one!

PicMonkey Collage

What are some goals you have for 2013? How are they going?

I’m off to do some easy cross training and a weights class.

Have a great day!


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