Things I Love Thursday

Workout: Group Power Class (weights, similar to BodyPump)

Tonight I didn’t eat so well. We went out for dinner and although I made O.K food choices I know it wasn’t ideal. This afternoon I also didn’t have an actual lunch, but rather just snacked away. Last night was also a little messy. Tomorrow is a new day though, thank goodness 🙂

Let’s talk about some things I am just lovin’ lately.

1. Wild by Cheryl Strayed. I got this book for Christmas but with my crazy life happening had not got a chance to read it. Well I started a few days ago and am really enjoying it. I’m only about 70 pages in but it is really good so far!


2. This weather!! The Spring weather is finally here!! I have been getting outside more and it is just great. I really do no enjoy running on the treadmill so with this nice weather I am able to get outside and do my runs.

3. Macklemore. His songs are simply amazing!! I listened to another one on youtube the other day, Some Love, and it gave me the shivers! Amazing! Love his songs!!

Talk to you in the morning!




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