Good morning!!

I came back into the city last night because I had to work, which means I get to go to some classes for the rest of the week!! This morning = my favourite spin class!! More than excited to get back and see my favourite instructor after a few weeks away, and tomorrow is a weights class. Woohoo!!

This afternoon I spent lots of time doing this….



x2 of the chocolate covered berries, so good!


And I am heading off to work soon!!

As a part of my ‘get back on track and cut some weight’ goal I thought it would be a good time to put something out there in the world. Being it May 1st it is the perfect time to set a new goal!!

I am challenging myself to lose 5% of my body weight in the month of May.

5% you say? Whats that and how do you figure it out?!

To figure it out punch into your calculator:

.96 x your current weight = your new weight (5% less then your current weight)

My Goal is to lose 8.1 lbs by May 31st.

8.1 is 5% of my body weight as of April 30th. I think this goal is realistic and completly attainable if I put the work in. My main focus is going to be on eating right, since I workout pretty consistently. I am even hoping to surpass this goal maybe!? I’ll be doing it in a safe way, with regular exercise and eating. The good ‘ol fashion way, works like a charm.

I’ll plan to update you all on Sundays as to how this goal is going for me, and how much I am down.

Time to get back to this….


To make things a little more sweeter/motivating, if I reach this goal I will reward myself with a pedicure, lord knows my feet need one!!

I am going to vow to commit to this goal and updating the progress regardless of how things go. I find that when I am not achieving I tend to just drop things, naturally, but this one I am going to stick with!!

Day 1 is going pretty good, except for those pieces of fruit covered in dark chocolate. That is my snack, and I loved every one of them 🙂

What is your goal for May?



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