4 Recent Things

Hello my friends, long time no chat!

Life has been busssssy, but I am here to update you with happenings.

1. I ran the Run for Retina Research 5K Race on Sunday April 14th. The race location got changed due to flooding in the original location, and the course was on a paved path. This wasn’t ideal for me. There were quite a few walkers that started in front of a lot of the runners and it was hard to get around them. The first whole mile = frustration city. I didn’t think this race would be my sub-30 race that I want, but I was planning to push my hardest to try and get there.

Garmin Stats:
3.29 miles in 33:09
Avg. pace: 10:04
Splits: 10:38, 9:22, 9:41, 3:27

Race Stats:
Chip time: 32:48
Clock time:33:45

According to my Garmin the course was 3.29 miles. I took a walk break when I hit 3.1 miles – which I regret. I need to plug in my Garmin and find out my 5K time on it. Anyways I was not too happy with my time, but considering my training, or lack of, and my weight gain I’ll take it.

2. Tuesday was my very last day of teaching Kindergarten. I was sad to be done, I really liked being in there with those kids. But my time was up, on to bigger and better things.

Kinder 117 Kinder 135


3. On Sunday I ran 10K. It wasn’t pretty, there were walk breaks, I talked to myself outloud but its done. Took 1 hour 7 minutes and it felt good. 20130421-131947.jpg

I wore the new jacket I got from the Run for Retina and love it. Its a bit tiiight right now but otherwise I love it! I took my phone with me just in case, and because I was running on the highway, and it was great because the jacket had pockets with zippers. Love!

4. This Sunday I am running the Forest City 10K race. I’m nervous, but know I can do it. I am going to run the first 5K and then do run for .5 mile, walk for 1 minute for the rest. I’ll be sure to let you know how that goes.

Well, that all I have for now, I need to go for a run but just haven’t found the motivation yet today. Hope your having a great day!!



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