Sunday Set Up

Sunday’s are my favourite, so relaxing!

Today was a good day, lots of not too much going on. Did some planning for Kindergarten, went to the gym (10 min bike, weights, 10 min elliptical – should have done more!) and Mad Men is on in 1.5 hours. I’ve never been so excited for a show!! Going to be good!!

Last week I was busy and getting to the gym just wasn’t #1 on my priority list – well this week it is!! Workouts this week are going to look like this:

Monday – Spin
Tuesday – 6×400 + Weights class
Wednesday – Spin
Thursday – 2.5 mile tempo + weights class
Friday – 60 min XT
Saturday – Spin or easy XT or Rest
Sunday – Run for Retina 5K + 2 easy miles

I need to really buckle down and get back into 6 workouts a week. I feel better when I get in good workouts!



Saturday morning I went for a run. I did 4 miles in 43:25. Not my fastest or best run. I ran 1.5 miles and then every .5 mile I took a 1 minute walk break. This worked really well for me, I tried to push knowing the walk break would be coming up and the faster I ran the faster I could walk.

Race season starts on Sunday with a 5K, then 2 weeks later I have a 10K and the weekend after I have that half-marathon. Depending on the 10K I might try the half. It was out of the question, but now I’m thinking I might try it. I don’t have to make my decision until the kit pick up date, so I am going to see how the first 10K goes and decide from there. I know I won’t be able to run the half – obviously – but I am so disappointed and sad that I wasn’t able to train that a big part of me wants to try. We will see.

Have a great week!



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