Easter 2013

Good Tuesday morning to you!!

I hope you had a great weekend!! Wow it was a long one for me, a full 4 days off from school – feels like forever ago that I was in the classroom. And this is another short week, I can’t say I’m not excited!

I had a pretty good weekend! I actually didn’t do all that much. I had/still have a touch of a cold so I just spent time relaxing. My family was also not doing much. My Ma was working, brother at his Dads, and my Dad wasn’t doing anything for Easter.

I got out for 2 runs, each 2 miles in length. I wanted to do more, but it just wasn’t in the books. This week I am buckling down and getting to my training. Racing season starts soon!! April 14th is my first 5K of the year. I am going to run it hard (!!) but know that a 5K PR is unlikely. Then I run my first 10K on April 28th!! Anyways, 2 miles in 19:38 is pretty good for this girl! The weather was also beautiful this weekend!


Some personal pizza’s were also had this weekend!! They were quite yummy actually!!


I tried to do as much foam rolling and icing as possible – but I know I could have done a bit more. Do what you can, when you can. The Easter bunny actually didn’t come on Sunday morning for me. I was a pretty sad girl, I guess that’s what you get when you have been bad!


But then yesterday morning my brother and I awoke to treats around the house!!


Sweedish Bunnies and Sour Patch Bunnies! So cute, and my favourite Reese Egg, and Oh Henry Egg. Love me some treats. Yesterday I ate lots of chocolates, but I let myself. It was Easter, which only comes one day a year, and so I enjoyed it. Easter is now over, so eating Easter treats is now over. End of story. No guilt – just lots of sweat at the gym 😉

This weekend we also got a guest, we are dog sitting for the next few weeks! Now I will have a little bit more motivation to go for a walk, and a little companion to come with me. We could both afford to lose a few lbs so walking we will do!


For Easter dinner dessert, which we enjoyed last night I made a cake and cupcakes for my family to enjoy. I’m not a baker, or a chef. I need lessons. But it turned out ok.









And with that, I am ready to get back into normal eats. I was doing pretty good last week – its the little things! Less process sugar, more veggies, favourite treats in moderation.

Here is to a short, but successful week!!



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