A Week in Review

Ahhh relaxing Sunday!!

This afternoon I headed to the gym for a workout. I wasn’t really feeling a workout, but I went anyways. My workout ended up being a joke. 10 minutes warm up on the bike and about 15-20 minutes of weights.



Let’s recap this week in a few areas…


Workouts went alright this week. I was crunched for time each day, but managed to drag my butt out of bed before 6am and get a workout in, well except for Wednesday. I am very happy with this. Also I ran a total of 6 miles this week, WOOOHOOOO. The last ran I did was exactly 1 month ago today, Feb. 24, so I was happy with this. It was hard, and I was slow but we all have to start somewhere again right?!



Teacher Outfits

I think my clothes went well this week. My pants are all really tight right now, so as you can see flowy tops and cardigans are my friends until I make my pants fit again. Friday was my favourite. The colour of the shirt looks so good with my hair and I just LOVE that necklace!!



Eating & Weight

Eating this week did not go well. Breakfast, lunch and dinner were all healthy, but it was the before and after dinner snacking that made the numbers on the scale jack up. I need to just really work on that. Sticking to 3 solid meals and 2 healthy snack. My weight is at an all time high right now and I am really getting frustrated with myself. Thankfully my Mom comes back from her vacation tomorrow and I am going to talk to her and get her to help me get back to healthy eating again. It is time for me to start talking about this struggle.


Some Encouragement & Reward

I have some money left over from my birthday and Christmas I am able to spend. So I was thinking that if I eat healthy, but balanced, this week – no crazy over eating, then I will take myself shopping this weekend. Get some more new spring clothes to wear teaching, some new shoes, necklaces, etc. to make me look and feel good. I find that when I know I look nice, I feel better about myself. So that is my challenge and reward for myself this week.



Well, I better get my booty to work!



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