1 Mile

Happy 1st Day of Spring!!

Yesterday started like most days this week, with a 6am workout. I began my workout with a 1 mile run. I was planning for more, but it just didn’t happen.

My leg, the inside of my right calf, was really sore so I stopped after 1 mile. I was also starting to feel it. Wah taking time off of running is no joke. My speed was slow, 5.5–>5.8 mph and other than my leg it was pretty easy for the most part. I am going to see how my leg feels and just slowly increase my distance. Running 1 mile a day on off running days. Again, we will see.

Proceeding the 1 miler, hahaha, I jumped over to the elliptical for a 20 min session. I had planned to be on there longer, but ran out of time and needed to get home to wake my bother, shower, put on coffee, eat, and get ready. Rush, rush, rush.

Yesterdays outfit…


We have a bigger mirror but I honestly don’t have time to take a picture in it. Navy blue pants are on the bottom.

Eats again last night were on the poor side, too many snacks. Today is a new day though, and I will do better!

Have a great Wednesday!! We are half way to the weekend!!



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