A Monday Recap

Hey everyone!! How have you been? I am a few days behind, so let me start on Monday and catch you up. I have been a good blogger and tried to take more pictures!

Monday began at 5:45am with a workout. Right now I have the mornings to get my workouts in and lets just say it is rushed. The gym doesn’t open until 6am, and by the time I get there and on a machine it is about 6:10am. Monday I did 30 min on the elliptical and a very quick weights session. I have to make every minute of my workout count so there is little rest time. I set my workout clothes out the night before, for easiness as well.


I have to be out the gym door no later than 7am to get home, shower and get ready  to be out the door again for 7:30am to get to school on time. Again, it is rushed.

I go from this sweaty mess….


To this showered smelling nice Kinder teacher in 30 mins. Breakfast is eaten and coffee is drank while brushing my hair and throwing some mascara on. I was really short for time so my picture is blurry, but here was my first day outfit. The little girls loved the flowers on the shirt.


Thank God the hair is working out great. All I do is brush it and quickly semi-dry my bangs and leave the rest be. I really don’t have time for anything else. It is usually a little damp when I get to school but dries when we stand outside for 45 mins. Ill post later this week about how Kinder is going, its for sure different than I expected.

For some odd reason the snack I have been eating on the way home is my greek yogurt, only the hardest thing to eat while driving lol, and not very safe either. Very yummy though!!


Eating has actually not been going well. I do really well all day and then when I get home I eat too much while making dinner, or packing lunches or what have you. Need to work on this for tomorrow!

Ok, better get off to bed, 5:40am comes early!



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