Tomorrow Never Comes

I was going to go running this afternoon, but my legs are feeling really off today so I think I am just going to hit the elliptical up later, and maybe some light weights and call it a day. I need to be smart with my legs, which means not running as much as I want.

This morning I stepped on the scale and it was scary, but not surprising. Which brings me to my topic for today…

I’ll Start Tomorrow

Everyday that I don’t eat balanced I tell myself “tomorrow I will do better, tomorrow I will eat a balanced diet” and tomorrow never comes.

I have been doing this all year, since January, telling myself this. I go days where tomorrow does come but lately those days are far and few between.

Right now I am unhappy with the way I look and feel. Tomorrow is coming. Tomorrow is today!! There is no time like the present. If I eat something unhealthy I have to stop myself and change what I am doing. Instead of telling myself “who cares you already ate crap, eat whatever you want the rest of the day and start over tomorrow”, start over now. Stop and be sure to eat something healthy for my next meal or snack. Don’t completely throw a whole day out the window because of one slip up.

Such as today. ate healthy and balanced all day until around 2pm. This is always my trouble time during the day. Mid afternoon. I started by having a reduced sugar (only 1g, and 60 cal) chocolate pudding. Although I know pudding is not good for me, I don’t eat it often and I was hoping it would cure my sweet tooth. Well, it didn’t. I found my hand in the chocolate covered almonds bag a few times, about 3. Sure I over did it a little but I wasn’t about to let a few extra almonds completely get me off track. I enjoyed the treat and moved on.


Now I am getting lots of this to keep me satiated and full…


and am going to do some little tasks to keep my mind busy and my hands out of the kitchen.

Its an uphill battle, but I know the view at the top is going to be great!

Start over now, not tomorrow!!!

Have a great day!!!!

P.S I love having my new phone because now I can put my own pics in posts a lot easier and quicker than before 🙂


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