I’ll Be Teaching…

Hello!! Happy Wednesday to you!

This morning I hit up the gym for another spin class!!!!! It was great because my favourite spin instructor taught and I just really enjoy her classes! After she taught a 30 min new to me core class and it was killer. I took breaks haha. I’m going to get to that class when I can because I need to work on my core strength.

As I eluted to a few days ago I finally got my placement last week. I had an idea of what grade I was going to be placed in, and I was right on the money.

The grade I will be teaching starting next Monday is….Kindergarten. Full day play based kindergarten. There are 27 students in the class, and I am super nervous and excited. I looked my teacher up the other day and she has been teaching for 37 years. Very experienced!! I’m excited to learn from her and see what the future brings for me.

Well, I hope your having s great day!! Here is to a better eating day tomorrow.



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