Spin, Span, Spun

Workout: 40 min arch trainer, 30 min spin class

Tonight I hit up my gym for a spin class. I went early to get in a little extra cardio, and am glad I did! The class was suppose to be 45 minutes but only ended up being 30, and with a different instructor. The usual Monday night instructor switched with another girl so I didn’t get to see my old favourite girl. This girl was good, and it was a pyramid workout.

I love spinning, it is one of my favourite workouts!! It is fun and a great workout that gets my heart rate up but doesn’t injure my body. The music is also usually great and it is just all around a great workout!! I haven’t been to a spin class since December so it felt great to get back at it.

My eating the past few days hasn’t been great, but I am slowly trying to turn that around. I am trying to acheieve balance, allowing myself to have treats, and not depriving myself, but not going over board at the same time. Not easy for me. Today was better than the past few days, but still not where I need to be. It is a process for me.

I am home now and it feels great. Just hanging out with my family and enjoying time with them is awesome!! I also got my teaching placement, but I think I will save that and tell you about it tomorrow!!

I am off to watch a movie on Netflix, maybe.

Have a great night



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