Love to Squat

I am so very excited today because tomorrow I go home!!!!!! I have to write a math exam in the morning, and then at 4pm I will be on my way home. I.CAN’T.WAIT.

In other news my knee is doing very well!!!!!! Oh man I am happy. It is not 100% yet, maybe about 85% better. I can feel my lower body is pretty weak, so I decided to do some lower body weights workouts yesterday at the gym. You see, the squat is my absolute favourite lower body workout move. I just love to squat, I don’t know why I just do. Anyways, I did SQUATS yesterday!!!! And there was only a little bit of pain.

This is huge!! I am so happy. I also did some lunges, blah hate those. Anyways I am excited to get full mobility back in my leg, and I am excited to maybe go for a short run on Saturday when I am home, but we will see how it feels.

The other day I bought an Awake chocolate bar. Its a milk chocolate bar with as much caffeen as a coffee in it, or more? I ate 3/4ths of it this morning, and am feeling a bit hyper haha. It is quite good!!

Well, I should get back to life. Lots to do today, study for my math exam, get to the gym, and finish packing!!!!!



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