What Not Exercising Does To Me

Yesterday I woke up grumpy. You know things are bad when you wake up and your already in a bad mood. This is what not exercising does to me. It makes me grumpy! I just can’t seem to be a nice person, which is sad and unnecessary and unfortunate. My body simply needs the endorphin’s to function.

Getting in a good sweat just makes me feel good mentally and physically. Doesn’t your skin just feel great after a great sweaty workout? Well I had been missing that for over a week, and I could see it in my skin.


Another thing that I find when I don’t exercise is that I want junk food more, and I don’t care about what I eat. Its a ‘ah whatever’ mentality with me. Not only do I want more junk, but I eat more junk. I just feel generally unhappy, slightly depressed and like crap. For example, after I had a good workout yesterday sure I still liked junk food, but I didn’t feel like I wanted it as bad. Like working out makes me feel healthier and make better food choices. I say to myself ‘you just burned 600 calories, don’t eat that chocolate bunny and undo them all’. Sometimes that doesn’t work though 😉

makin it happen every day!

I also loose my cardio endurance. Since I have been side lined from working out I have really felt a drop in my cardio endurance, and that is something I am going to have to work out and bump back up.

What does NOT exercising do to you?

Have a great Monday – my last Monday in Thunder Bay wooohooo!!!



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