Half Marathon Training Week 3 of 12

Well, we just finished up another week of half-marathon training.

Hahahahaha, funny right?

Intersting to see how much worst shape my body is in compared to last week this time. I was concerned about running, now I am just trying to walk from here to the bathroom.

The half-marathon is likely not going to happen, but I am not giving up yet. We still have time. I could do a walk run. Tomorrow is only the beginning of week 4 of 12. Although Friday when we hit March I freaked out a little in my head! Wah, March already. Noooooooooooo.

Training this week looked like for week 3:

Tuesday & Thursday: Upper Body workout – really didn’t even sweat
Sunday: 30 min bike, 30 min elliptical

Kept it very light today, but I needed a workout bad. Felt great to get moving, and knock on wood, my leg is getting better!!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!!

And I ate a lot of crap this past week.

Week 4 Plans:

Monday: 60 min XT + weights
Tuesday: 90 min XT
Wednesday: 60 min XT + weights
Thursday: 90 min XT
Friday: 60 min XT + weights
Saturday: 90 min XT + 1 mile run (?)
Sunday: 90 min XT

If my leg is feeling better this is what my workouts will hopefully look like. Also this is a very busy week for me, so I may not have enough time for these workouts. This is simply a guide. Right now everything depends on my leg and doing everything I can to get it better. I will get to the gym every day though, and do something. I will eat better because eating healthy will help my body to heal faster.

I’ll be flying home Friday so I look forward to fitness classes next week!!! Spin, spin, spin here I come!!

Also, Saturday it says 1 mile, well maybe if my leg is feeling better I will run a mile. Nice a sloooooow. We will see.

Ok, time to get back to school work. Which is what I have been doing allll day. Joy!



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