A Flowery Update

Good Morning and Happy Saturday!!!

I spent my Friday night writing an ESL unit plan – oh the joys of being a teacher candidate.

As I mentioned today my room mate and I are renting a car for the day to get rid of the majority of our belongings because this is our LAST weekend here – wow that is CRAZZZZZZZY!!! Less than a week and I will be done this part of University. Lord have mercy on my soul. Anyways, I am excited to have wheels today.

Bridal bouquet

Here are some life updates:

– Leg still sore and swollen. Yesterday I thought it was getting better so I walked home, and it felt pretty good. Well it is all swollen and sore again, so likely not the best idea. I am getting concerned as to why it has been swollen for 6 full days now – is this normal?

how to change the color of pink or blue hydrangeas

– Today I am determined to begin eating like a normal person again, which includes 3 square meals and a healthy snack or two. No more junk junk junk. If I happen to have some junk, limit it to a small amount, and then still have a nutritious meal when hungry. This hasn’t been happening. Since I came back to school I’ve gained ~6 lbs – wah to admit that is embarrassing  My clothes fit weird, I am uncomfortable, and just really unhappy with what I see in the mirror. So eat less (but still enough) and try and get a workout in, leg depending.

garden shed

– I am getting a cold. My throat has been sooooore, and my glands are slightly swollen. My nose has been running, I feel crappy. Goal: drink toooones of water, eat healthy, drink my EmergenC. KILL THIS COLD!

6 Steps to a No-Work Cottage Garden

– I still don’t know where my teaching placement is. I need to find out soon because the teachers and students go on March Break soon, the week before I start, and if I don’t get their contact info soon I won’t be able to contact them before my first day

How to grow Ranunculus

– I have Spring fever really bad right now, if you didn’t notice 😉

– I should be getting ready for a long run right now

– I am ready for my body to be healthy, healed and normal again

– I will not complain anymore about my leg

Have a GREAT Saturday!!!

hello spring


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