Just A Mess

Happy Tuesday. Only 9 more full days until home. I am more than excited.

This post isn’t going to be all happy, because I am not all happy right now. I’m a mess, so if you don’t want to hear about it, check back tomorrow for a more positive post ­čÖé

Sunday after my run I felt alright, sure my leg was a bit sore but the pain was┬ámanageable┬á Sunday night I was not feeling so well and my leg started to really hurt. Monday morning rolls around and I can’t walk. WTF!

So the pain is still shin splints, but the whole not being able to walk bit is my right knee. Its messed. Like messed, messed. I can’t straighten it at all. It hurts 24/7. I can’t walk.

So I assumed it was my run that did this to my knee, but I have never had really bad knee pain before, so it didn’t make sense. Then last night laying in bed I remembered that Sunday when I was walking to my friends house I slipped on the ice and fell. Cause of knee pain, I am thinking it is possible.

Needless to say I have not bee doing well. Not only am I in a lot of pain but my mood SUCKS! Yesterday I needed to get out of the house for a few minutes (its also +3C and sunny here, to make matters worst!) so I walked to the store to get ‘milk’. Two things about this: I can’t walk so it was more of a very slow painful limp; and sure I got milk but I also go candy. WTF Nicole.

So not only am I unable to go to the gym, because of my poor eating habits my clothes don’t fit right. I am just a big ol’ mess right now. Hence why I am ready to go home. Oh and to top it all off I didn’t go to class yesterday, and I’m not going today either. In my┬ádefense┬átoday I only have gym, and I wouldn’t be able to do anything anyways.

Yesterday when I was at the store this also happened….

I caved. So here is my plan for today, eat whatever I want for meals, but stay within my calorie budget, 1200┬ácalories┬á I will be counting, and I hope to not go over. Since I won’t be leaving the house or my ice pack there is no reason I need over 1200 calories. I’ll let you know how this plan turns out for me tomorrow. Today I will also get some home work done, I have been failing at that and my time is running out! Need to start to get shit done!!

Ok well, I hope your having a great day, I’m off to grab a spoon ­čśë


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