Half Marathon Training Week 2 of 12

Well, well, well, another week of HMT done. Or not in my case. Another week of not running. Another week of anxiety, and runners envy. The other day there was a girl on the TM doing hill repeats and I was envious of her. That she gets to run. Although I know hill repeats SUCK.

Here is was Week 2’s workouts looked like:

Monday: 20 min bike, weights, 20 min elliptical
Tuesday: skip
Wednesday: AM – 30 min bike, 30 min elliptical; PM – 20 min elliptical, weights, 20 min bike
Thursday: 20 min bike, 30 min elliptical, 10 min rower
Friday: 10 min bike, 35 min weights + stretching
Saturday: skip
Sunday: 4 mile run*

*The weather yesterday was amazing and my leg didn’t feel to bad going into the run. During the run my leg was sore but not unbearable. Last night my leg started to hurt bad and I had to go to bed early. This morning I can’t walk. From my hip to my ankle is just out of commission. My knee seems to be sore as well. I should not have run. Stupid!


Needless to say I am ready to shoot the bike and the elliptical. I am so sick of spending so much time on them, when all I want to do is RUN. But you already know that. Tuesday was a rough day, candy was involved I think, and a workout just wasn’t happening. So Wednesday I was determined to make it up and did Tuesdays scheduled workout in the morning, and Wednesdays in the afternoon.

The scale is not reflecting the work I am putting in, which means my eating is shit, and that the scale sucks (as I mentioned the other day). I am thinking about not weighing myself until I get home, but that is unlikely to happen. I like to see where I am, accurate or not.

This week my plan is to possibly start running again. It is week 3 (ahh) and I really need to get running. My running endurance is shot, and my plan is just to complete this half-marathon. I have no ‘going to start running day’ but am thinking about maybe trying Thursday, depending on how my leg feels. I have been wearing my (old) running shoes all the time, and although I look like a dork I am hoping it helps my legs a bit. I think wearing my unsupported  heavy, clunky boots all the time, combined with the amount of walking I do, is only hurting my legs more. So we will see if this helps or not. Hopefully it does. I am positively optimistic 🙂

Week 3 in HMT looks very similar to last week, but I am going to take each day as it comes. Such as today I am taking a rest day.


I made this image the other day to remind myself when I am wanting to eat crap, that I have a big task ahead of me and that eating junk food is only going to put me further from my goal. I have it set as my computer background for now.

PicMonkey Collage

Have a great Monday!



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