What I Ate Friday Edition

Happy Weekend to you!

Any big plans this weekend? Not much happening here, school work mostly. Tonight I think I am headed out with some friends for dinner, drinks & dancing. Should be fun!!

In a way to hold myself accountable, and keep (somewhat) on track I am going to post some daily eats here and there. I have tried this in the past and it has been an epic fail. Anyways, here was yesterdays eats. The goal was to try and stick to 3 meals with potential snacks being fruits and yogurt.

– English muffin sandwich; 2 eggs, 1 slice turkey bacon
– strawberries
– lots o’ coffee with milk

– spinach smoothy; spinach, milk, chocolate protein powder, cocoa powder
– quinoa with chocolate protein powder, and milk

– apple
– diet 7Up

– half stuffed pepper; half a pepper, ground beef, rice, topped with cheese

– greek yogurt with frozen raspberries
– frozen strawberries, mango, peach
– green tea

In hindsight I ate quite a bit of carbs yesterday. Opps. Need to cut back for sure. It was not easy, I defiantly wanted to eat more (out of habit not hunger), and I am still craving the sugar. Oh what I would do for some Jelly Beans, or Swedish Fish, or Gummy Worms right now. Sugar is not my friend.

I had to go to the store yesterday because I was out of milk, and they had so many good things on sale I wanted to buy. Cereal (a healthy one), chocolates, granola bars, cookies, candy. But I didn’t. Maybe i’ll grab a box of cereal later this week, we will see how things go.

I also dragged my but to the gym yesterday, although I wasn’t really feeling motivated. Usually by the time I get there my attitude turns around and I get a good sweat on and burn some calories, well not yesterday. I did 10 min of biking, and about 35 min of weights + some stretching. I was in and out in 60 mins. I only burned 200 calories. That is pitiful! My leg was killing me, still is, and I just wasn’t feelin’ it. I want to say ‘better than nothing’ but it was only 200 calories more than nothing. Aw well, at least I got there haha.

I ended the night warmly snuggled in watching ‘This Means War’ on netflix. It was highly entertaining, and was fun to watch!!

On my Saturday to do list: 90 min cardio, science unit plan, groceries. I know, your jealous haha.

Have a great day!!

– N


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