Half Marathon Training Week 1

Well last week marked the beginning of my half marathon training – week 1 of 12.

With my leg problems, I didn’t run at all. Well actually that’s not the truth, I tried to run on Thursday. I was determined to push through and jumped on the treadmill for a good run. .80 of a mile into the run and I was actually dying of pain. My leg was killing me, it was difficult to walk. Alas I left the gym after that and felt defeated.

Running is a great way to clear your head!

This weekend I tried to take it easy. I NEED to get my legs feeling better. I don’t want anything more right now than to run this half marathon. That is the honest truth. The only thing holding me back is on the right side of my body, attached to my hip.

I am very frustrated right now with my body. All I want to do is run. I am finding that because I can’t run, and my workouts are limited, and painful, it is affecting me in other ways.

I feel frustrated about my running situation so I have been making bad, ok really bad, food choices. More often than should be, I pick up a big sack of Jelly Beans from the store, or chocolates, or have extra oatmeal during the day. This needs to stop. Really, because it is only making me feel worst about myself.

So true

What I need to do is, while my legs are recovering, get the rest of my body into great running shape so I am ready once my legs heal up. I have been doing more core work, 1 min planks (wah!) and 2 more 30 sec planks + crunches etc. to strengthen my very weak core. Core strength improves running for sure. I am also trying to make my upper body stronger as well. I need to also focus on getting back on the weight loss wagon, because you run faster when you weight less – duh!

All of these things will help me when my legs get healed up. Now sure this isn’t going to be a great half-marathon, but its my first, and I am hopeful that all goes well and I can properly train for a big fall race – as I have said in the past.

Training lol

So here is what my week looked like. I took quite a few days off from working out for many reasons, crazy school schedule, want to fix leg, excuses, eating poorly ect.

Week 1:

Monday – 20 min elliptical, weights, 20 min bike
Tues & Wed – off
Thursday – .8 mile run
Friday – 20 min bike, weights, 40 min elliptical
Saturday – 30 min bike, 60 min elliptical
Sunday – Rest

As you can see, not the best but more of a reason to improve for this upcoming week!

Here is what I will be working toward this week. Lots of boring cross training (XT), and core work almost daily. Also Saturdays workout is longer to try and imitate a long run, which is suppose to be 6 miles – frig!

Week 2 plan:

Monday – 40 min XT + weights
Tuesday – 60 min XT
Wednesday – 40 XT + weights
Thursday – 60 min XT
Friday – 40 min XT + weights
Saturday – 90 min XT
Sunday – Rest

Ok, this post got quite lengthy  but that is what is going on. Icing, massaging, cross-training, eating healthy and trying to get my body back to health!

Have a great Tuesday!!



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