A Busy Week

Hey guys & Happy Tuesday!

Wow this is a busy week for me, it just hit me that today is actually Tuesday.

School this week is NUTS! A test + 5 presentations in 4 days – go! Haha its nuts! I just have to keep reminding myself, it will all get done.

1 test and one presentation down, 3 to go – wah!

My eats the past few days have been going to too shabby! Today I fell off track, but I will jump back on the wagon and continue in the right direction.

I am stressed about school, and didn’t sleep well last night but those are no excuses to eat crappy. Let’s just clarify I’m not eating McDonald’s or boxes of cookies, just a little too much of what I have in the house – pretty healthy foods. I’ll have a post up tomorrow about healthy snacks, those are all the snacks (well some of them) I have in the house right now.

Anyways, today I took a day off from the gym, which is never easy for me. My leg has been killing me, another reason I didn’t sleep well last night, and I really need to get it better. I was suppose to start training for my half marathon this week but my leg is in no shape to run. Need to heal that up ASAP.

Well, I better get going, off to meet my group about out Bullying presentation.

I really would love some candies to munch on right about now….



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