A Goal

Hello my dear friends & Happy Wednesday AKA Hump Day – a little extra cardio 😉

As you read this I will be in the midst of my AM workout, my friend text me last night asking if I wanted to join her for a 6AM workout, uh YEAH! I don’t get to workout early before class because the buses don’t start early enough, and I have class at 8am. But today I will get a great workout done 🙂 I digress.

I had a What I Ate Wednesday post planned and then I ate jelly beans and pancakes (it was national pancake day) so I thought this post was much needed instead.

Today, I have a goal (shocker, I know) to share with you.

You all know, because I have told you many times, that I am struggling with my eating right now, and as a result of this I seemed to have gained some lbs. I need to lose not gain weight, so here is my goal.

My goal is to lose about 10 lbs by March 8th, a little over a month away. Here are the facts:

– By loosing the 10 lbs I will have weighed the lowest I have in a long time

– By loosing these 10 I will have gotten out of my current ‘stuck phase’

– By loosing these 10 lbs I will have earned 2 rewards!!

– By losing 10 lbs I will be that much closer to my goal weight!!!

– By loosing 10 lbs I will feel great about myself

– By loosing 10 my clothes will fit better 🙂

– Most importantly though: by loosing these 10 lbs I am lessening the burden I have on my body right now of being too big. I am putting my body through unnecessary physical stress daily and by cutting 10 more lbs my body is lighter and freeer!

– Please note that it is only 4 weeks, or 30 days. It is safe to loose 2 lbs a week, but if my body is able to safety loose more than that, then it will. If not then that is ok too. I am using myfitnesspal to keep track of my calories, to ensure I am not under eating – but lets be serious I obviously don’t have a problem with that haha.

What am I going to do? Go on weight watchers!!

OMg, haha are you kidding me? NO!! Joking!!

I am NOT going on Weight Watchers!! Although this program has worked for many people, and I am very happy for you, I am firstly not interested at this point in my life to try this program. Secondly, I am poor. End of story. Haha! No but really, I am just going to do what I have always been doing, eat healthy/clean and workout, but better and be a little bit more strict with myself in the eats dept. Simple, easy, boom. Well actually not easy, boom.

There will be no real ‘reward’ and I am not going to beat myself up if I don’t get exactly there, but I just think it is something to work toward, and strive for. The reason I chose March 8th, is because that is the day I will be moving home from University – wah!

30 days, 10 lbs. GO!

Wish me luck, I’mma need it!!!

I’ll try and update you every few days on how it is going.

What are you challenging yourself to do in the next 30 days?


Have a great day 🙂



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