Good morning to ya!!

Yesterday I took a rest day because my leg was killing me!! but as you read this I should be at the gym doing some cross-training and upper body weights. Although today was suppose to be a run day I am going to try and be flexible with my workout schedule this week in order to hopefully mend my legs back to perfect health for next week.

In the mean time, lets talk rewards!!

I think I have mentioned it before (or maybe I haven’t?) that when I drop some lbs I like to reward myself. I have done it in the past and find it pretty rewarding! Right now I am working toward a reward and thought I would share/brain storm some of my future rewards with you all!

I will receive them in increments of 5 lbs beginning with…

Essie Nail Polish

I am not sure of the colour yet but I guess I will just decide the day I go buy it (hopefully soon). I don’t have any nail polish up at school with my right now and I desperately want to paint my toes, so this is a great reward. I have been trying to get myself to this point for a few weeks now but I can’t seem to get there. I am stuck at about the same weight right now, so I need to make some changes (cough, not eat so many treats, cough) to move the scale down. I will be excited the day I get to buy this!!

To be completely honest with you all, I haven’t put much thought into my other rewards. I still need to drop quite a bit of weight (about 30 big ones) so I have about 6 other rewards to give myself. The thing is I am not sure what I will want or need at that point. Nonetheless I will brainstorm some ideas, just to entertain the idea….

Lululemon socks

I got a pair after Christmas, and am actually wearing them now, and I love them for winter runs. The are warm and comfy and supportive, but breathable and would probably be awesome for summer time too. The are pretty pricey, about $15, which is why they would be a great reward!


Because, lets be serious, who doesn’t love a pedicure!

A treadmill

haha kidding, although that would be awesome!!

Clean Eating or Running Magazine

As I have mentioned I have been really struggling with eating well lately, and still am. I want to buy myself a new magazine (love magazines!!) and think it would be a good motivator for me this week. Eat clean Tuesday-Saturday (yes, skip the Thursday class treats!) and get a new Clean Eating magazine. Sounds like a sweet deal eh?! And it will hopefully give me some good recipes too!!

Anyways, enough of the jokes, you get the point. Rewards are a good thing to do for anything, not just dropping weight. If you are trying to get yourself to workout 5 days a week, then after 2 weeks or a month if you have succeeded reward yourself, maybe with a new workout top!

How do you reward yourself??

Have a great day!




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