A Credit Card Workout

Hello my friends,

I have some exciting news to share. But first a confession…

I’ve had a rough week of eating, well that’s a big understatement actually. For no reason at all I have just wanted to eat junk, and I have. Too much sugar, too many carbs, blah blah blah. I keep saying here on the blog, oh its no big deal tomorrow is a new day. Then tomorrow comes and somehow it doesn’t get better. A switch needs to go off, and until then I am going to post my food here on the blog. It might be annoying, but hopefully it helps me get back on track. I stepped on the scale yesterday and wanted to cry – its bad!!

Ok, now on to the more exciting news!!!

Well, the other day I posted my 2013 goals. You remember? Well I may have teased you a little in saying I have got started on a few of those goals.

You see I’ve wanted to run a half-marathon for a long time now. A long time. This time last year I was looking into running one, but never did. I didn’t (and still kinda don’t) feel confident in myself enough to run a half.

Last year I ran the Mississauga 5K with my sister. Side note: I was suppose to run the 10K but was injured and not trained enough for it so I dropped down to the 5K on race day. I absolutly LOVED this race. I thought it was well organized, the course was beautiful and it was fun! What made it more fun, I got to do it with my sister!!!!


Because I love this race so much last year I wanted to run it again. But not the 5K, I’d done that. The 10K was a definite option, and might have even been the smarter option at this point. But I still had that lingering itch to run a half, and I didn’t want to wait until the fall. (Side note: depending on how my 1st half goes, I’m planning to do the Detroit or Niagara in the fall with my friends Mom haha.) So alas, I nervously registered for a half marathon.

I’m still freaking out about it, and I registered days ago. This is a huge challenge. 13.1 miles huge. My longest run to date in my life is only half of that, 6.2 miles, so I’ve really got some work to do!!

In another sense, I am kind of excited to take on this challenge and show myself what I can do. I need to remember to let my mind take the back seat and just let my legs do the work. With proper training I know I can complete this. My half marathon goal: simply to complete the race. No time goals, just completion. Well actually, under 2:30 would be nice. So May 5th is the big day, let the training begin.

Which reminds me, I need to find a training plan STAT and start following it. Also this is a good incentive to eat healthy, the smaller you are the faster you run 😉

The same night I registered for the half-marathon I also registered for a 10K.

Forest City Road Races

I’ll be running the Forest City Road Races 10K exactly 1 week before the half marathon. Stupid, maybe?

I ran this race last year, again just the 5K, and also loved it! It is in London, and only about 5 mins from my house. The course was nice and flat and I had a lot of fun! This year I thought it would be a nice run to get in before my half marathon. I figured I would have to run at least 6 miles the week before, so why not run one of my favourite races 🙂

Forest City 5k 032

So now you see why my wallet is smoking. Races are not cheap, actually these ones were not too expensive, but it is something I truly enjoy. Running is my hobby, racing is my addiction 😉


Today is also the Superbowl!!!! Going to any parties? I am not, and we don’t have cable either so I won’t even be watching it. Healthy eats here, no wings for this girl!

I am off to do my laundry, run 6 miles on the TM (maybe I’ll catch some SB coverage at the gym!!?!?!), and make salsa covered chicken for dinner. The last thing I am most excited about!!!!



Sunday Eats:

Breakfast: 1 fried egg, turkey bacon, grapefruit, coffee with milk
Lunch: Chicken noodle supreme, Carrots, Celery, 2 Pickles, another coffee with milk
Snack: Flax Seed Multigrain Tortilla Chips, PC White Corn and Black bean salsa, Diet Dr. Pepper! – YUM!
Dinner: Chicken, rice with PC butter chicken sauce (Indian)
Snack: 1 spoon Kraft All Natural Peanut Butter, Hot Cocoa
How I think it went: I think today went pretty well. I don’t ever eat chips, but I had my favourite salsa and got tired of eating it from a spoon. The thing with me and chips is, sure they are good but its not the same as chocolate. I portioned out the serving size (28 chips – great serving size!! for 250 cal) and that was it. The chips are nicely sitting in my cupboard until next time I want them. I just have to keep in this mind set!! Other than that, I am happy with this day, a bigger improvement from yesterday! 🙂

I’m really trying to live by this quote….

Edit to add: I ended up taking a rest day because my leg (right) was killing me and I need to train SMART as well as hard!!!


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