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Three Things Thursday

Its Thursday every body! Almost the weekend!!!

1. Today is my last day of Thursday classes. Next week is 2 make up days, both with Monday schedules so as of today I’m ‘done’ school. Couldn’t be more excited!!!! Only 7 more full days until home!!

2. In teaching news, I am more than ready to find out what school and grade I will be teaching in 2 weeks. My University still has not let me know yet and I am getting antsy! I know it will be K-3 but I want specifics! I have a feeling it will be Kindergarten, which could go either way. Regardless I am excited to find out!!

3. My room mate and I are renting a car this weekend!!!! I am pretty excited about this because we don’t have a car in Thunder Bay. We need to get all of our stuff moved out of the house and it will be fun to drive around and do some stuff this weekend!!

Haha, yes that exact car!!

Hope you have a great Thursday!!



It’s A Choice

Hey ya! Happy Wednesday to you!!

I am here to talk to you about choices today, and how life is just one big ol’ choice.

Today I went to the doctor about my leg. Since I am not in my home town where my family doctor is I saw a random doctor. He was great. Very friendly, knowledgeable and just seemed like a great doctor. But he didn’t really tell me anything I didn’t already know. He said there is nothing structurally wrong with my knee (good news!!) but that my leg is very swollen and he doesn’t really know what is going on with it. Treatment: take Advil, ice, elevate, rest, repeat. Awesome, but I already knew that. Today I made the choice not to be too upset about the prognosis. There is nothing I can do about it other than what the doc said. I am super bummed but that’s life. If I can’t run my half-marathon its NOT the end of the world. I made a choice to not let my leg issue, although painful, bring me down.

Sometimes when my mood is in the dumps I have to consciously bring it up. I have to give myself a pep talk and say “no you are not going to be grumpy, and mean to other people, its not their fault your hurt” and just force myself into a good mood. After a while it really does help.

Its a choice to pick your mood, so pick the right one!

Happy Wednesday!

Just A Mess

Happy Tuesday. Only 9 more full days until home. I am more than excited.

This post isn’t going to be all happy, because I am not all happy right now. I’m a mess, so if you don’t want to hear about it, check back tomorrow for a more positive post 🙂

Sunday after my run I felt alright, sure my leg was a bit sore but the pain was manageable  Sunday night I was not feeling so well and my leg started to really hurt. Monday morning rolls around and I can’t walk. WTF!

So the pain is still shin splints, but the whole not being able to walk bit is my right knee. Its messed. Like messed, messed. I can’t straighten it at all. It hurts 24/7. I can’t walk.

So I assumed it was my run that did this to my knee, but I have never had really bad knee pain before, so it didn’t make sense. Then last night laying in bed I remembered that Sunday when I was walking to my friends house I slipped on the ice and fell. Cause of knee pain, I am thinking it is possible.

Needless to say I have not bee doing well. Not only am I in a lot of pain but my mood SUCKS! Yesterday I needed to get out of the house for a few minutes (its also +3C and sunny here, to make matters worst!) so I walked to the store to get ‘milk’. Two things about this: I can’t walk so it was more of a very slow painful limp; and sure I got milk but I also go candy. WTF Nicole.

So not only am I unable to go to the gym, because of my poor eating habits my clothes don’t fit right. I am just a big ol’ mess right now. Hence why I am ready to go home. Oh and to top it all off I didn’t go to class yesterday, and I’m not going today either. In my defense today I only have gym, and I wouldn’t be able to do anything anyways.

Yesterday when I was at the store this also happened….

I caved. So here is my plan for today, eat whatever I want for meals, but stay within my calorie budget, 1200 calories  I will be counting, and I hope to not go over. Since I won’t be leaving the house or my ice pack there is no reason I need over 1200 calories. I’ll let you know how this plan turns out for me tomorrow. Today I will also get some home work done, I have been failing at that and my time is running out! Need to start to get shit done!!

Ok well, I hope your having a great day, I’m off to grab a spoon 😉

Half Marathon Training Week 2 of 12

Well, well, well, another week of HMT done. Or not in my case. Another week of not running. Another week of anxiety, and runners envy. The other day there was a girl on the TM doing hill repeats and I was envious of her. That she gets to run. Although I know hill repeats SUCK.

Here is was Week 2’s workouts looked like:

Monday: 20 min bike, weights, 20 min elliptical
Tuesday: skip
Wednesday: AM – 30 min bike, 30 min elliptical; PM – 20 min elliptical, weights, 20 min bike
Thursday: 20 min bike, 30 min elliptical, 10 min rower
Friday: 10 min bike, 35 min weights + stretching
Saturday: skip
Sunday: 4 mile run*

*The weather yesterday was amazing and my leg didn’t feel to bad going into the run. During the run my leg was sore but not unbearable. Last night my leg started to hurt bad and I had to go to bed early. This morning I can’t walk. From my hip to my ankle is just out of commission. My knee seems to be sore as well. I should not have run. Stupid!


Needless to say I am ready to shoot the bike and the elliptical. I am so sick of spending so much time on them, when all I want to do is RUN. But you already know that. Tuesday was a rough day, candy was involved I think, and a workout just wasn’t happening. So Wednesday I was determined to make it up and did Tuesdays scheduled workout in the morning, and Wednesdays in the afternoon.

The scale is not reflecting the work I am putting in, which means my eating is shit, and that the scale sucks (as I mentioned the other day). I am thinking about not weighing myself until I get home, but that is unlikely to happen. I like to see where I am, accurate or not.

This week my plan is to possibly start running again. It is week 3 (ahh) and I really need to get running. My running endurance is shot, and my plan is just to complete this half-marathon. I have no ‘going to start running day’ but am thinking about maybe trying Thursday, depending on how my leg feels. I have been wearing my (old) running shoes all the time, and although I look like a dork I am hoping it helps my legs a bit. I think wearing my unsupported  heavy, clunky boots all the time, combined with the amount of walking I do, is only hurting my legs more. So we will see if this helps or not. Hopefully it does. I am positively optimistic 🙂

Week 3 in HMT looks very similar to last week, but I am going to take each day as it comes. Such as today I am taking a rest day.


I made this image the other day to remind myself when I am wanting to eat crap, that I have a big task ahead of me and that eating junk food is only going to put me further from my goal. I have it set as my computer background for now.

PicMonkey Collage

Have a great Monday!


What I Ate Friday Edition

Happy Weekend to you!

Any big plans this weekend? Not much happening here, school work mostly. Tonight I think I am headed out with some friends for dinner, drinks & dancing. Should be fun!!

In a way to hold myself accountable, and keep (somewhat) on track I am going to post some daily eats here and there. I have tried this in the past and it has been an epic fail. Anyways, here was yesterdays eats. The goal was to try and stick to 3 meals with potential snacks being fruits and yogurt.

– English muffin sandwich; 2 eggs, 1 slice turkey bacon
– strawberries
– lots o’ coffee with milk

– spinach smoothy; spinach, milk, chocolate protein powder, cocoa powder
– quinoa with chocolate protein powder, and milk

– apple
– diet 7Up

– half stuffed pepper; half a pepper, ground beef, rice, topped with cheese

– greek yogurt with frozen raspberries
– frozen strawberries, mango, peach
– green tea

In hindsight I ate quite a bit of carbs yesterday. Opps. Need to cut back for sure. It was not easy, I defiantly wanted to eat more (out of habit not hunger), and I am still craving the sugar. Oh what I would do for some Jelly Beans, or Swedish Fish, or Gummy Worms right now. Sugar is not my friend.

I had to go to the store yesterday because I was out of milk, and they had so many good things on sale I wanted to buy. Cereal (a healthy one), chocolates, granola bars, cookies, candy. But I didn’t. Maybe i’ll grab a box of cereal later this week, we will see how things go.

I also dragged my but to the gym yesterday, although I wasn’t really feeling motivated. Usually by the time I get there my attitude turns around and I get a good sweat on and burn some calories, well not yesterday. I did 10 min of biking, and about 35 min of weights + some stretching. I was in and out in 60 mins. I only burned 200 calories. That is pitiful! My leg was killing me, still is, and I just wasn’t feelin’ it. I want to say ‘better than nothing’ but it was only 200 calories more than nothing. Aw well, at least I got there haha.

I ended the night warmly snuggled in watching ‘This Means War’ on netflix. It was highly entertaining, and was fun to watch!!

On my Saturday to do list: 90 min cardio, science unit plan, groceries. I know, your jealous haha.

Have a great day!!

– N

A Fail & A Win

Good Friday morning to YOU!! Woohoo, you made it to the weekend!!

I have no class on Friday this week, so my plan is to: clean my room, clean the kitchen/do dishes, get my workout in, do some school work and maybe get groceries? Oh and laundry also needs to be done this weekend. See not a overly exciting Friday here. But one very exciting thing is 2 weeks today I will be writing my final exam of my University career and flying HOME to see this beautiful lady…

Being done school brings up many emotions in me, but I’ll save that topic for a post in and of itself!

Yesterdays workout began early. I am trying to get my workouts in, obviously, and I find Thursday a challenging day to get them done because I have class all day and by the time I get home (we are off campus in an Elementary school) I can just not find the motivation to get back to the gym. So I got to the gym bright and early.

It was challenging. I was tired, hungry (should have had a little snack before) and just did not want to be there. On my plan was 60 mins of cross-training. Every minute was challenging. I wanted to quit so bad, but I didn’t. In the end my workout looked like this… 20 min bike, 30 min elliptical, 10 min rower. My goal was to burn 500 cal and I did. #winning

When I got home from class yesterday, everything fell to shit. I had eaten well all day (and Wednesday too!) but I just messed up. I ate carbs – lots of them. Pasta, oatmeal, Raisin Bran, I just lost my shit. After that episode, I wanted sugar, because although I may have eaten carbs I didn’t have any sugar (other than what is in it). I also wanted peanut butter, soooo bad.

But here is the winning part (well kinda) I resisted the urge to go and get some candy – which is what I wanted to do so bad. I talked myself out of it so many times. I am actually STILL talking myself out of it right now. The sugar and candy, mm I just love it. My body is still craving processed refined sugar really bad right now.

So although I ate too many carbs (a fail), I resisted to over-do-it by not going and gorging on candy (a win). Also a note, I am getting really frustrated with my room mates scale. Our house is on a slant, and if you move the scale around the room, your weight typically increases by 2 lbs. Not cool. Very frustrating. So I actually have no idea what I weight right now, but I know its bad and its high, just by looking in the mirror and the feel of my clothes.

Let’s end this post on a happy note, with this image….


Fat Lasts Longer Than Flavor

I saw this great image the other day….

and it really resinated with me. Right now I’m doing my best, but struggling, with not eating junk food. The past few days all I want it Sweedish fish. I have resisted, and remind myself that I can get a few from the bunk section at the grocery store on Saturday. The key with me is not deprivation. For some people depriving themselves of the foods they want works, not me. So what is getting me through right now is knowing that I’ll get some fish come Saturday & maybe some chocolate chips too 🙂 Its all about balance. If I gave into every craving I have, as I have been doing this past month, then I would eat crap all the time – as I have been.

Anyways, I found this image the other day and have been saying it to myself when I just want to eat junk. It is so true. After I eat candy, the flavour is gone but the damage isn’t. When I eat crap I often don’t think about how much time it is going to take to wear off at the gym. All I think about are those delicious treats and consuming them. I have noticed this problem getting increasingly worst lately, and am planning to meet with my doctor and nutritionist when I get home in March for some professional advice.

Right now I am simply taking it one day at a time, one hour at a time and getting through the tough spots.

Here are some other motivational images I found.

This is a BIG one for me…

Have a great Wednesday!