January Recap

No workout happened today, womp womp. I skipped the gym. Thursdays gym session hasn’t happened in weeks, it is just a crazy day. I also didn’t eat well today. But you know what? Tomorrow is a new day, folks 🙂

January Recap

Since the blog is called Run Eat Teach, I thought it might be fun to post my favourite run, eat and teach of January.


January has been a tough running month, mostly adjusting to the winter weather. I would have to say my favourite run was my 5 miler (51:05) on Jan. 13. It was snowy, icy and cold but it was my longest run of the month so it was my favourite.


This month I haven’t eaten too much delicious food, I’m back at school and cooking for myself, but I did go to a party potluck a few weeks ago that had delicious food. My friend made these skewers with grape tomatos, pasta pieces filled with cheese, and these cheese balls I can’t remember what the name was, dipped in pesto. They were good!!


Since I have been back at school I have actually only been in the classroom for two half days, booo. When I went back to my grade 3s were so excited to see me. One little girl just kept hugging me until I had to tell her she needed to sit down and do some work. So cute!!


I started setting 4 goals for myself, each month to keep on track. I record them in my workout journal, but I can post them here and talk about how they went.

Run: 3 runs a week – achieved 3 of 4 weeks!

Eat: minimize sugar intake – uhh somewhat

Weight: XXX – Did not reach this goal

Other: Be positive – look on the bight side of things! – Some days were better than others. 

This month I also ran: 32.70 miles

My goal for 2013 is to run 500 miles, which is 41.7 miles a month, or about 10 miles a week, so I need to pull my socks up and run a bit more. This won’t be too difficult though, because I’ve got some pretty big training news coming up. Last night was a late night, and a workout for my credit card. Stay tuned!



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