A Tough Week

Workout: 2 mile run (21:39)

Avg Pace: 10:47
Splits: 10:38, 10:55

The run was horrible! Every aspect, except the beautiful weather (-3C and sunny!!), was terrible. The side walks are covered in snow, so it feels as though I’m running in sand. The area I live in is all uphill, which makes it even harder. I need to find a new route, and a snow plough!

Winter runs anyone?

Lately my runs have been slow, and its frustrating! I feel like a turtle out there, slowly trotting along. I feel like a loser actually. My run yesterday was 4 miles (44:05) with an average pace of 11:02 <—-this is NOT good. Again it was cold out (-18C), I was running up hill for 21 minutes and there was so much snow. Walk breaks were happening too.

Winter running

It seems as though in the past few weeks, since winter has really hit, my runs have SUCKED! And I am not appreciating it. I find my mood is not great, but we will get to that in a second, and I am just down on myself about my slow times. I also haven’t been running as much as I should. I want to follow the 10k plan I have taped in my book but just can’t seem to get motivated to actually FOLLOW the plan. I’ll do one or two runs a week from it but I have yet to complete a full week of training from the plan. What is with me?

What to Wear: Outdoor Winter Running

This past week was a weird one for me. I felt off. My body felt physically off, mentally off and educationally off. I am usually a pretty happy, positive, up-beat person but this week I was not, and for no reason at all. Finally on Thursday evening I had to have a chat with myself (not out loud though haha). I told myself its time to ‘Pull it together’ and get myself back to being normal and happy. And so I did. I made a list of things I needed to do this weekend (only about 1/2 got done haha) and just told myself I have no reason to be so unhappy. It worked, for the most part and I got my high spirits back, well until today.


Today I am just feeling off again. The past few days I also haven’t been eating all to great. A bit ago I had one of these, and let me tell you it was glorious…

An Oh Henry Egg. Good Lord have Mercy, I love those things. How do the stores always have delicious treats out for various seasons that just suck you in. Right now there are not only Valentines treats out, but Easter as well. This might have also happened yesterday….

So as you can see I have not been making the healthiest choices in the food dept. Which is likely why I have been feeling crappy, or at least a contributing factor.

Run, baby! Run!

So, how am I going to change this around, you ask. Well here is my plan of attack…

– 3 runs a week, 2 on the treadmill and 1 outside. This way I can keep my speed up (TM) and keep my sanity (outside). Its a win win!

– Eat whole healthy foods

– Buy or make (I would really rather make!) one treat a week. Since I have had my share of treats this week, I am going to try and hold off on my next treat until my next grocery shop (Fri. or Sat.)

– Hang out with my friends, seriously this helps me to stay healthy, just being around people I enjoy and being social. I find when I am alone I get down on myself and eat shit because I’m lonely

– Blog more, I like to write my thoughts out and haven’t been blogging a lot so I am going to figure out how to use wordpress and bloooog my little heart out haha


So, there you have it, my plan to a better week.

How are you going to make your week great?!



P.S. Hope you loved my random pictures 😉


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