Random Words

Hey everybody!

Lets being with my workout today, well that will be quick because I didn’t do one, yet, and probably won’t. I really want to go for a run but it is -28C and I just can’t do that. There is always tomorrow 🙂

I am feeling pretty good these days, for sure less stressed!! I really believe in friend time, the more time I spend with my friends and doing social things the better I feel. Nothing new really around here, except I ate too much dark chocolate today. Woops! Oh and I got this rice Krispie that had oreo pieces in it, good lord have mercy it was amazing!

Lots of school work to do this weekend! Lots of workouts to get in! Lots of hanging out with friends to do 🙂 This post is very random, promise I will have a purpose to my next one. 

I am going to make some toast and jam 🙂



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