Hey everybody! How is it going?

Been a while eh?! Well that’s what happens when life gets in the way!

Things around here are going pretty great! I’m back at school, my workouts are going pretty well (except for todays!) and I am moving in a healthy direction!

Instead of doing my school work tonight, I thought I would pop on over and talk to you lovely people about something I am going through right now that is new to me.

You see I feel a little bit stressed. Anxious perhaps. Worried if you may. You get the picture. Generally I am NOT a stressed out person, stress is a rare emotion in my life. But at this time I am stressed and I need some ideas to help with this.

You see the past few days I just have not been sleeping very well either, which I think is because of the stress, but I also think that is causing more stress. My body just feels off as well. I am extra tired all day, my legs are sore, my workout today felt like complete hell (which hasn’t been regularly happening, I have really been enjoying my workouts lately), my back is super sore (!!), and I just feel blah.

Well I am here to talk about some de-stressing tactics to help me get through the next little bit of stressful life.

1. Go for a run – this is obviously my number one haha. I went for a great 5 miler on Sunday, and was scheduled for a 3 mile tempo today but I crashed and burned hard on the treadmill. I sware TM running is so much harder than running outside, IMO.

2. Yoga – I was suppose to go to hot yoga tonight but the class was full. Maybe some youtube yoga this weekend?

3. Reading – right now I’m reading “Act like a Lady, Think like a Man” by Steve Harvey, and I try to read a few pages each night before bed to calm my mind and help me to sleep.

4. Talk it out – chat with your Ma, sister (!), best friend about anything and everything, can be about the stressful event or just anything in general, feels good to talk.

5. Go out with some friend – have a little fun!

What am I missing? What helps YOU de-stress that I can use?!



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