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January Recap

No workout happened today, womp womp. I skipped the gym. Thursdays gym session hasn’t happened in weeks, it is just a crazy day. I also didn’t eat well today. But you know what? Tomorrow is a new day, folks 🙂

January Recap

Since the blog is called Run Eat Teach, I thought it might be fun to post my favourite run, eat and teach of January.


January has been a tough running month, mostly adjusting to the winter weather. I would have to say my favourite run was my 5 miler (51:05) on Jan. 13. It was snowy, icy and cold but it was my longest run of the month so it was my favourite.


This month I haven’t eaten too much delicious food, I’m back at school and cooking for myself, but I did go to a party potluck a few weeks ago that had delicious food. My friend made these skewers with grape tomatos, pasta pieces filled with cheese, and these cheese balls I can’t remember what the name was, dipped in pesto. They were good!!


Since I have been back at school I have actually only been in the classroom for two half days, booo. When I went back to my grade 3s were so excited to see me. One little girl just kept hugging me until I had to tell her she needed to sit down and do some work. So cute!!


I started setting 4 goals for myself, each month to keep on track. I record them in my workout journal, but I can post them here and talk about how they went.

Run: 3 runs a week – achieved 3 of 4 weeks!

Eat: minimize sugar intake – uhh somewhat

Weight: XXX – Did not reach this goal

Other: Be positive – look on the bight side of things! – Some days were better than others. 

This month I also ran: 32.70 miles

My goal for 2013 is to run 500 miles, which is 41.7 miles a month, or about 10 miles a week, so I need to pull my socks up and run a bit more. This won’t be too difficult though, because I’ve got some pretty big training news coming up. Last night was a late night, and a workout for my credit card. Stay tuned!



A Confidence Boost

Yesterday during my run I was wearing a cotton long sleeved shirt, with a tank under. Now, I was getting really sweating while running, like my shirt was soaked. I don’t usually wear cotton when I workout but I had just come from my gym class and was already dressed (had a sports bra on) and didn’t feel like changing. Alas I wore the long sleeve for my workout. If you want to know I was wearing the Lululemon Cool Racerback in black under. I love the tank but find it a bit big. I need a new one in a smaller size 😉

As I said, I was getting very hot and still had 30 mins on the stair master to complete. About 10 mins into the SM I made a decision to take my shirt off. Ok, here is the thing. I workout at my University gym and there are cute men, skinny girls with great figures, and judgy eyes everywhere. I am the kind of girl who wears normal workout clothes, usually t-shirts that might have a slight v-neck. Nothing racy!

Nonetheless, I took my long sleeve off, revealing my tank. I am pretty self-conscious about tight clothes at the gym. There is nothing to hide under, no big shirt to cover up all the lumps and bumps of my insecurities. And you know what? It wasn’t even all that bad. Sure I was self-conscious but it wasn’t terrible. Some of the men were looking my way. 😉

Now I know I have a lot of work to do, but I need to be more proud of what I have accomplished. I’ve lost about 18 lbs since September 2012 and I need to embrace that. Wearing just my tank, and my bright pink sports bra, gave me a slight confidence boost. I likely won’t be doing it again any time soon, but just having the courage to take my shirt off was a big deal for me.


My workout for today hasn’t happened yet, I’m headed to the gym in about 45 minutes. I’m thinking 20 min stair master, weights, and 20 minutes bike sounds good, in a T-shirt of course haha.

It got really cold here again last night, and I’m hating it.

Whats the weather like in your neck of the woods?

– N


Workout: 2.5 mile run (speed workout), 30 min stair master

This morning I woke up early to get to the gym before class, and guess what? I didn’t get there, well until after class. You see, I like to get my workouts done and over with in the morning, its how I like to start my day, if I can. This morning it just wasn’t happening. So instead I dragged my butt to the gym after class. Its always so hard to go after class because #1 its a loooooong walk, #2 I’m tired, #3 I’m lazy. Enough said, haha.

Anyways, on my walk to the gym I was thinking about my run today. On my, made up, schedule was a 3 mile speed run. Ok cool, but what does this mean? Well, since I am not training for anything right now, or following a training plan, cough*throw that 10k out the window*cough, I needed to come up with something that would keep me entertained on the treadmill. So, I told myself I’ll run 3 miles in under 30 mins. Perfectly doable.

Well as you can see in the above stated workout, 3 miles just did not happen. The run was going really well! It was tough but it was a speed session so it was going to be tough! I was just trying to keep my mph above 6.1 (a 9:50 pace). I ran for a while at 6.3, then back down to 6.1 for a short rest, and then I got the genius  or maybe not so much, idea to do some sprints. I was doing .25 mile sprint at 6.7 (9:10 pace I think) and then going back down to 6.1 for about 30 seconds and then back up. Well it might not have been the smartest thing to do. I got tired and gave up at 2.5 miles.

Here is where the self-sabotage comes into play, I could have finished the run no problem, just go back to 6.1 for the half mile, but the mental stress of the run got to me and I quit. That hurts to say. I find that I am not a very mentally tough runner. My body can do it, I just have to put my mind to rest and let my legs do the work.

I also find the self-sabotage in my weight. When I am almost at a certain wight milestone, like earning myself a reward (which I’ll talk about in an upcoming post) I mess it up and eat crap and gain a little weight.

Why do I do this? Well that is something I need to try and figure out. Because its not helpful or healthy. I need a strong body, strong mind.

But, with one of my goals this year, I am going to try and not be so hard on myself. No I’m not going to make excuses for why I self-sabotage, but I am not going to beat myself down about not finishing my run. Sure I would have felt great about myself if I finished, but more of a reason to finish my next speed workout 🙂

After all, in the grand scheme of things, 1/2 a mile isn’t going to make or break me, right?

I tell myself that quote, with variations, almost daily, its helpful!

So tell me, how do you get through mentally tough workouts? Mantras? Zone out? 

– N

I saw this and thought it was funny and so true…a little humour please…

A Tough Week

Workout: 2 mile run (21:39)

Avg Pace: 10:47
Splits: 10:38, 10:55

The run was horrible! Every aspect, except the beautiful weather (-3C and sunny!!), was terrible. The side walks are covered in snow, so it feels as though I’m running in sand. The area I live in is all uphill, which makes it even harder. I need to find a new route, and a snow plough!

Winter runs anyone?

Lately my runs have been slow, and its frustrating! I feel like a turtle out there, slowly trotting along. I feel like a loser actually. My run yesterday was 4 miles (44:05) with an average pace of 11:02 <—-this is NOT good. Again it was cold out (-18C), I was running up hill for 21 minutes and there was so much snow. Walk breaks were happening too.

Winter running

It seems as though in the past few weeks, since winter has really hit, my runs have SUCKED! And I am not appreciating it. I find my mood is not great, but we will get to that in a second, and I am just down on myself about my slow times. I also haven’t been running as much as I should. I want to follow the 10k plan I have taped in my book but just can’t seem to get motivated to actually FOLLOW the plan. I’ll do one or two runs a week from it but I have yet to complete a full week of training from the plan. What is with me?

What to Wear: Outdoor Winter Running

This past week was a weird one for me. I felt off. My body felt physically off, mentally off and educationally off. I am usually a pretty happy, positive, up-beat person but this week I was not, and for no reason at all. Finally on Thursday evening I had to have a chat with myself (not out loud though haha). I told myself its time to ‘Pull it together’ and get myself back to being normal and happy. And so I did. I made a list of things I needed to do this weekend (only about 1/2 got done haha) and just told myself I have no reason to be so unhappy. It worked, for the most part and I got my high spirits back, well until today.


Today I am just feeling off again. The past few days I also haven’t been eating all to great. A bit ago I had one of these, and let me tell you it was glorious…

An Oh Henry Egg. Good Lord have Mercy, I love those things. How do the stores always have delicious treats out for various seasons that just suck you in. Right now there are not only Valentines treats out, but Easter as well. This might have also happened yesterday….

So as you can see I have not been making the healthiest choices in the food dept. Which is likely why I have been feeling crappy, or at least a contributing factor.

Run, baby! Run!

So, how am I going to change this around, you ask. Well here is my plan of attack…

– 3 runs a week, 2 on the treadmill and 1 outside. This way I can keep my speed up (TM) and keep my sanity (outside). Its a win win!

– Eat whole healthy foods

– Buy or make (I would really rather make!) one treat a week. Since I have had my share of treats this week, I am going to try and hold off on my next treat until my next grocery shop (Fri. or Sat.)

– Hang out with my friends, seriously this helps me to stay healthy, just being around people I enjoy and being social. I find when I am alone I get down on myself and eat shit because I’m lonely

– Blog more, I like to write my thoughts out and haven’t been blogging a lot so I am going to figure out how to use wordpress and bloooog my little heart out haha


So, there you have it, my plan to a better week.

How are you going to make your week great?!



P.S. Hope you loved my random pictures 😉

Random Words

Hey everybody!

Lets being with my workout today, well that will be quick because I didn’t do one, yet, and probably won’t. I really want to go for a run but it is -28C and I just can’t do that. There is always tomorrow 🙂

I am feeling pretty good these days, for sure less stressed!! I really believe in friend time, the more time I spend with my friends and doing social things the better I feel. Nothing new really around here, except I ate too much dark chocolate today. Woops! Oh and I got this rice Krispie that had oreo pieces in it, good lord have mercy it was amazing!

Lots of school work to do this weekend! Lots of workouts to get in! Lots of hanging out with friends to do 🙂 This post is very random, promise I will have a purpose to my next one. 

I am going to make some toast and jam 🙂



Hey everybody! How is it going?

Been a while eh?! Well that’s what happens when life gets in the way!

Things around here are going pretty great! I’m back at school, my workouts are going pretty well (except for todays!) and I am moving in a healthy direction!

Instead of doing my school work tonight, I thought I would pop on over and talk to you lovely people about something I am going through right now that is new to me.

You see I feel a little bit stressed. Anxious perhaps. Worried if you may. You get the picture. Generally I am NOT a stressed out person, stress is a rare emotion in my life. But at this time I am stressed and I need some ideas to help with this.

You see the past few days I just have not been sleeping very well either, which I think is because of the stress, but I also think that is causing more stress. My body just feels off as well. I am extra tired all day, my legs are sore, my workout today felt like complete hell (which hasn’t been regularly happening, I have really been enjoying my workouts lately), my back is super sore (!!), and I just feel blah.

Well I am here to talk about some de-stressing tactics to help me get through the next little bit of stressful life.

1. Go for a run – this is obviously my number one haha. I went for a great 5 miler on Sunday, and was scheduled for a 3 mile tempo today but I crashed and burned hard on the treadmill. I sware TM running is so much harder than running outside, IMO.

2. Yoga – I was suppose to go to hot yoga tonight but the class was full. Maybe some youtube yoga this weekend?

3. Reading – right now I’m reading “Act like a Lady, Think like a Man” by Steve Harvey, and I try to read a few pages each night before bed to calm my mind and help me to sleep.

4. Talk it out – chat with your Ma, sister (!), best friend about anything and everything, can be about the stressful event or just anything in general, feels good to talk.

5. Go out with some friend – have a little fun!

What am I missing? What helps YOU de-stress that I can use?!