Merry Christmas!

Hey all!

Merry Christmas & Happy Boxing Day!!

I hope you all had a great Christmas and are relaxing and shopping today! I had a great Christmas – as always! – and am not doing any Boxing Day shopping this year for the first time in years!

Par usual, I ate too much at Christmas and for the pas few days, and feel its time to get myself back together. I have been feeling crappy and soooo tired so time to get myself back!

In a way to make my body feel healthy again I headed to the gym for some cardio. I did 45 minutes on the Arch trainer, and 10 min on the stationary bike. Wah I was draggin my ass. That Arch trainer really kicked my butt, where this same workout usually feels challenging but not that hard. Just goes to show that it doesn’t take long to loose your endurance!

I got a new camera for Christmas (woohooo) but don’t have any pictures to share with you because I don’t have a memory card (booo).

I’ve been trying to get some runs in but I am just feeling sluggish and my pace is hurting. More of a reason to start eating better.

I need to start brainstorming goals for the year. On the docket so far is: sub-30 5K, run a 10K, run a half, get to my goal weight and maintain, just be a generally healthy balanced person, but what ellllllse? I will think over the next few days. The first three are my main goals though, in therms of fitness.

Anyways, I should go online window shop now.



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